Imprisoned Pedophile Murdered By Cellmate Whose Sister Was One Of Killer’s Victims

Robert Munger, 70

An elderly pedophile who was imprisoned for child rape was murdered by his cellmate, who happened to be the older brother of one of his victims. Robert Munger, 70, was killed inside the Airway Heights Correctional Center in Spokane County, Washington by Shane Goldsby, whose younger sister had been victimized by Munger. However, no one can explain why they were assigned to the same cell in the first place.

Shane Goldsby

1. GOLDSBY SERIOUSLY ASSAULTED MUNGER BEFORE KILLING HIM.According to court documents obtained by KHQ News in Spokane, Goldsby “hit Munger in the face and head area about 14 times, (stomped) on his head at least four times and (kicked) a couple more times before walking away and being taken into custody by Airway Heights Corrections Guards.” Munger died from his injuries.

2. THREE SEPARATE INDIVIDUALS CLAIMED MUNGER RAPED GOLDSBY’S YOUNGER SISTER.In addition to Goldsby, his mother (who was also the victim in question’s mother) and an anonymous witness both claimed that Munger had sexually assaulted the young girl, who was still a minor. While this in no way validates Goldsby’s violence, it does go some way in explaining it.

3. SEX OFFENDERS ARE REGULARLY TARGETED IN PRISONS.Munger had been sentenced to 43 years behind bars for seven sex abuse charges back in 2019, all of which were handled in different trials as they involved multiple victims. Once word spread in the prison what his crimes were, it was only a matter of time before someone came after him.

4. GOLDSBY IS NOW FACING PREMEDITATED MURDER CHARGES.He admitted that he was “shocked” to be placed in the same sell as Munger, saying, “I was like, ‘What the f—-?’ This stuff doesn’t happen. You’re talking the same institution, the same unit, the same pod in the same cell as this dude. That’s like hitting the jackpot in the casino seven times.” He added that he never wanted to kill Munger but felt like he didn’t have a choice given that they’d been placed in the same cell. For now, no one seems to have an explanation for why that happened.


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