“Circling-Back” to 11.26.2020. Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General & current Director of the Amistad



Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General & current Director of the Amistad

Project: “We already have suits in 6 states, but we’re filing more based on this new data.

A series of decisions at the local level, funded & encouraged by the flow of $350M of #MarkZuckerburg monies that allowed for the infusion of these questionable or fraudulent ballots into the stream to be counted. The analysis, using gov’t data and then calling out to voters, asking them about their behavior and getting them to SIGNED affidavits, is that in EACH ONE of these swings states, there are 100’s of THOUSANDS of ballots in question.

In addition to the ballots in WI [up to 150k improperly filed/counted] we’ve identified over 12,000 REPUBLICANS who voted, whose votes WERE NOT COUNTED according to the state’s data. So what you had was:

• $350M coming in

• the creation of all this drop-box

• consolidated counting centers in the urban core around the nation

• #MarkZuckerburg money paying the election judges & officials inside the rooms…

• while the Republicans in America were kicked out of the counting room.


#MarkZuckerburg’s monies alone matched the federal gov’t appropriations for elections this year. $400M.

#Google:also gave money to this effort.

• We now have evidence pursuant to court order … that they actually told local election officials how to manage the election in these core Democrat areas where you see all the problems.

That was #MarkZuckerburg and a group called “The Center for Tech & Civic Life”.

I give you this thought:

They told America we need to consolidate counting centers, for COVID! We’re going to create a crowd, to protect us … from COVID!

That makes no sense. The reason they did it, is because they didn’t want Republicans to see, and they wanted to infuse fraudulent ballots … and they did it!

Suit filed in GA at the time of this note. There where 200k ballots.

Another link: https://mb.ntd.com/phill-kline-new-amistad-project-election-lawsuit-500-million-to-increase-votes-in-democratic-strongholds_545391.html

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