Vaccine Damages

The damaging effects of aluminum nanoparticles in vaccines: Dr Larry Pavlesky60 views1End Time Evangelist
Published Tuesday | CommentsSUBSCRIBE (13)Testimony by Dr. Larry Pavlesky a pediatrician who runs the Northport Wellness center (clinic) in front of PUBLIC HEALTH COMMITTEE on a hearing discussing proposed legislation regarding immunization. MUCH INFO about many issues that you will NOT find on Google or any search engine.

THIS video is a MUST SEE. Expect to find MUCH info that is defamatory and derogatory about him as being an anti-vaxxer much like ANYONE like Dr. Judy Mikovits, who are the target of some very directed character assassination to somehow make people avoid listening to what he says or read what he publishes.

Being over the target is a sign his information has a very damaging effect on an industry that is losing credibility and confidence from the public. “Biologics” aka Vaccines.

You decide and apply informed independent-minded critical thinking when you read all the criticism about him AND NOTHING about the very valid scientific issues he raises.

The info you can/will find is very clearly intended to disparage him and not even bring any attention to some very serious issues.

Above details are as quoted from the source below.


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