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May 28, 2021 | Indo-Pacific Command News
Russian Spy Ship Spotted Near Hawaii, U.S. Pacific Fleet Monitoring – A Russian spy ship has been spotted near Hawaii. The U.S. Pacific Fleet is monitoring it. Captain John Gray stated that they would ‘continue to track it through the duration of its time here’. The presence of the spy ship has delayed a missile test by the Missile Defense Agency.

Russia Delivers Sniper Rifles To Eastern Ukraine, Ukraine Soldier Killed By Sniper -Russia has delivered large caliber sniper rifles to occupied eastern Ukraine, along with 1,500 Tons of fuel and lubricants to Donetsk and Lukhansk, while a Ukranian soldier has been killed by a Russian separatist sniper in Lugansk which borders Russia.

Ukraine’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Maria Salnik stated, “Last week, new batches of Russian-made weapons and ammunition, including large caliber sniper rifles and more than 1,500 tonnes of fuel and lubricants, were delivered from Russia into the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions through uncontrolled areas of Ukraine’s state border”.

May 27, 2021 | Indo-Pacific Command News
China’s Main Invasion Force Practices Amphibious Beach Landings, Presumably For A Taiwan Invasion – The Chinese main invasion force, the 73rd Group Army have been practicing live fire exercises and beach landings with amphibious vehicles, firing off thousands of rounds of ordnance. The 73rd Group Army, stationed in Xiamen is thought to have conducted the exercises in the Taiwan strait, indicated from Chinese satellite images.

This, around the same time that China has been conducting live fire exercises and bombing runs in the South China Sea with warplanes, simulating anti-ship strikes with missiles, training ‘precision strike’ and ‘saturation attack’ and unloading bombs at low altitudes, along with firing auto cannons.

May 26, 2021 | Indo-Pacific Command News
Russia Now Has Ability To Operate Capable Bombers From Syrian Base – Russia has stated that for the first time it can now operate nuclear capable bombers from an air base in Syria and has deployed three heavy bombers in a Syria air base, allowing them to hold training exercises over the Mediterranean Sea.

Russia has stated that it has deployed three Tu-22M3 heavy bombers in Syria, to the Hemeimeem air base, which will carry out training missions over the Mediterranean, making it the first time since the cold war that Russia has deployed heavy bombers in the Middle East.

The Tupolev Tu-22M3, which NATO has codenamed ‘Backfire’ is a twin engine supersonic heavy bomber that can reach ranges of more than 3,100 miles. The Tu-22M3 can also be upgraded to use the latest hypersonic missiles.

May 18, 2021 | Indo-Pacific Command News
Nine Russian & Chinese Navy Warships Spotted Near Japan – 9 Russian and Chinese navy warships have been spotted near Japanese waters: three Chinese vessels and 6 Russian vessels.

Of the three Chinese ships there was a Luyang-III class missile destroyer and a Jiangkai-II class frigate. Of the Russian warships there was two Tarantul-III missile corvettes, an Udaloy-I class destroyer. None of the vessels entered Japanese territory.

March 16, 2021 | European Command News
Increased Russian Shelling In Ukraine: 16 Ceasefire Violations In One Day – Shelling by Russian backed separatists have increased.

On May 15th there were 16 ceasefire violations in a single day with one Ukrainian soldier known to be wounded in the attacks. Areas: Near Vodiane, Pisky, Novhorodske, Shyrokyne, Nevelske, Starohnativka, Opytne and Maryinka.

Russia Claims Ukrainian Army Has Shelled Western Part Of Donetsk – The Russian News Agency claims that the Ukrainian army has shelled the western part of Donetsk and violated the ceasefire 5 times, firing 35 munitions and damaging several residential buildings.

March 15, 2021 | European Command News
Russia Continues To Conscript Residents Of Crimea Into Its Military – Russia is continuing to conscript residents of Crimea into its military. Some have been transferred to carry out orders in Donbass. Russia has also transferred air assault elements, along with T-72B3 battle tanks, 120mm mortars, 122mm howitzers and armored vehicles to their border with the Ukraine.

Russia Confronts U.S. Convey In Syria & Forces It To Turn Back – The Russian Defense Ministry’s Syria reconciliation center stated that six United States armored vehicles had gone an “uncoordinated route and without prior notice” in the province of Hasakah in Syria. Russia’s military police stopped U.S. vehicles and ordered them to turn back and head the opposite way.

Russia holds that U.S. presence in Syria is ‘illegal’ and ‘does not have any right to criticize legitimate actions of the Russian Armed Forces’ after the United States put out an assessment saying that Russia is hampering “deconfliction processes” in Northeast Syria and “seeks to harass and constrain U.S. forces with the ultimate goal of compelling U.S. forces to withdraw from northeastern Syria”.

Russia Lists United States To List Of Unfriendly States – Russia has listed both the United States and the Czech Republic to their list of ‘Unfriendly States’ and said that U.S. diplomatic missions can no longer deploy local staff and limited Czech to 19 at the most. Russia has given the United States a deadline of August 1st to comply with the new restrictions.

Putin Says Ukraine Is Becoming Anti-Russia And Pledges A Response – Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that the Ukraine is becoming ‘anti-Russia’ and says that Moscow is ready to act to threats to Russian security. Read more

March 11, 2021 | European Command News
Russia Still Has 100,000 Soldiers Near Ukrainian Border According To Ukraine – According to the Ukraine, Russia still has 100,000 soldiers stationed near the Ukrainian border and in Crimea. Although Russia announced a withdrawal from the border, nearly all of the troops that were originally stationed there are still there.

March 8, 2021 | European Command News
NATO Deploying 28,000 Troops Near Ukraine For War Games – As Russia refuses to withdraw around 80,000 troops around the Ukrainian border, NATO is set to amass 28,000 of its own troops for war games next to the Ukraine. Read more

2 Ukrainian Soldiers Killed By Russian Separatists Friday In Eastern Ukraine – Two Ukrainian soldiers were killed and one injured in eastern Ukraine while under fire from Russian separatists as hostilities and tensions between the two countries have greatly risen over the last few months. So far this year the conflict has claimed the lives of 36 soldiers.

March 7, 2021 | European Command News
One Ukrainian Soldier Killed & One Wounded In Russian Ceasefire Violations May 6th – One Ukrainian soldier killed and another was wounded on May 6th in Donbass, Eastern Ukraine. The JFO press center stated “A member of the Joint Forces received a bullet wound amid enemy shelling. Unfortunately, the soldier died”

Nearly All Russian Troops Remain On Ukraine Border Despite Claims Of Withdrawal – Despite claims by the Kremlin that they have ordered the Russian troops that had been stationed on the Ukrainian border last month to fall back to their normal stations in Russia, more Russian troops yet remain amassed on Ukraine’s border than has been since the annexation of Crimea in 2014. Read more

March 2, 2021 | European Command News
EU Concerned Russia May Use Passports To Ukrainians To Instigate War – The European Union says they are ‘deeply concerned’ about the fact that Russia is issuing passports to Ukraine citizens, an act which contradicts the ‘spirit’ of the Minsk Agreements and encroaches upon the sovereignty of the Ukraine. Read more

500,000 Russian Passports Issued To Eastern Ukraine In the last two years – Russia’s Interior Ministry says they have issued 527,000 passports to people in Eastern Ukraine in the last two years in what the Ukraine calls “Hybrid warfare” as the Ukraine condemns Russia’s push for naturalizing Ukrainians into Russia. Read more

April 29, 2021 | European Command News
Top US Commander Says Russia Flights Around Alaska Are Straining Our Units – Numerous U.S. officials have stated that Russian activity around Alaska have increased significantly as of late, and the head of Alaskan Command has just put out a statement saying that the recent increase has put a strain on U.S. assets. Read more

Russia Says Relations With US Worse Than During Cold War – Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov said in an interview that was published on Wednesday that relations between the United States and Russia are worse now than even during the cold war. Read more

April 28, 2021 | European Command News
15 Russian Ceasefire Violations In Ukraine – On April 28th there were 15 Russian ceasefire violations in Ukraine with one soldier reportedly wounded in action from Russian backed armed groups. The Joint Forces Operation (JFO) press center stated “In the past day, April 28, as many as 15 ceasefire violations were recorded in the Joint Forces Operation (JFO) zone”.

The JFO stated “A Ukrainian member with the Joint Forces received a gunshot wound amid enemy shelling. He was promptly provided with first aid and rushed to the hospital”.

The village of Zaitseve was shelled and automatic rifles were used in the area. 120mm mortars, heavy machine guns and tripod mounted anti tank guns were used near Krasnohorivka. 120mm mortars, anti tank grenade launchers, tripod mounted antitank guns and rifles were used near Katerynivka. 82mm mortars, grenade launchers and rifles were used six times close to the Vodiane village, and anti tank guns and grenade launchers near Hnutove.

Heavy machine guns and anti tank guns were also used near Avdiyivka and anti tank grenade launchers near Zolote village. Joint forces had to return fire.

Russia Expels 7 More European Diplomats
Russia has issued an order to expel seven EU diplomats from Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in tit for tat expulsions over accusations of Czech spying.

Russia Tests New Upgraded Super Fast Anti Ballistic Missile – Russia unveils a new upgraded anti-ballistic missile (ABM) at a Kazakhstan test site that they say can fly nearly 2 miles a second or roughly four times the speed of a bullet. The new upgraded ABM is designed to intercept incoming enemy missiles at extremely fast speeds, protecting Moscow from attacks via both air and space.

Russia Pulls Back Soldiers But Not Forces In Black Sea – Russia has pulled back its military personnel from the Ukrainian border but has not pulled back its Navy forces from the Black Sea nor its heavy weaponry that Russia left sitting near the border. Given how easy it would be to bring land troops back to the border, it leaves some wondering if Russia has an invasion planned for the near future. The President of Ukraine says that Russia could return “at any moment” and has told his military to stay on alert.

Russia Holds Live Fire Drills As U.S. Coast Guard Enters Region – Russia holds live fire drills in the Black Sea as U.S. Coast Guard vessel enters the region. The Russian Navy said that they are monitoring the U.S. Coast Guard vessel.

U.S. Gives Ukraine $8 Million In Military Aid United States gives Ukrainian army $8 million in military security assistance.

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