Multi-State Election Results and Open Discussion Thread – Virginia, New Jersey, New York and More

November 2, 2021

Multi-State Election Results and Open Discussion Thread – Virginia, New Jersey, New York and More

The off-year elections take place in various states and municipalities today.  The Virginia and New Jersey governors races will be decided along with the New York City mayoral race and numerous other regional elections in FL, OH, MN, PA and MI.

Virginia will be the most watched race as polls close at 7:00pm ET. Virginia passed a new law last year requiring counties to pre-process absentee ballots before the election, which should allow officials to report the result of the advance vote soon after the polls close. However, if you see those previously processed absentee ballots ‘NOT REPORTED’ early that would indicate the vote counters holding back ballot harvest results until they figure out how many they need.

The media will use these early results, likely favorable to Terry McAuliffe, in order to set the tone according to party position and direction from the executive media suites.

Right: Glenn A. Youngkin Republican

Left: Terry R. McAuliffe Democratic


♦ Virginia- Dept of Elections – HERE

♦ New York Times- Election HQ – HERE

♦ Politico- Election Results – HERE

♦ CNN- Election Results – HERE

♦Decision Desk HQ –Election Results – HERE

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