From Robert David Steele Assistant.

From Robert David Steele Assistant. ____________________________________________________ I was going to wait for his wife and sons to make a formal announcement, but due to all of the false social media posts and videos out there regarding the death of my boss, Robert David Steele, I would like to set the story straight. I have worked for Robert for about 6 years in many different capacities and positions. At the beginning of 2021, Robert asked me to work for him full time as his Executive Administrative Assistant and Video Editor. I was the person in control of all of Robert’s social media accounts and video accounts. I posted all videos and posts, as well as updating his 10 websites for him. That is why there were new videos posted every day, his websites were updated daily and you still were receiving the daily newsletter. Robert passed away at 8:33 pm on August 28, 2021 in a hospital in Florida, as he was finishing up the ARISE USA Tour. A tour Robert envisioned and brought to reality. This tour was gaining recognition nationally as the Patriotic tour to encourage Patriots to stand up for their rights. Robert did NOT go to the hospital because he had been diagnosed with COVID, Robert went to the hospital because he had BRONCHITIS. Once he got to this death trap, they put him on drugs that exacerbated his difficulty in breathing. They later put him on a ventilator against his wishes. Robert had many friends who were willing to go get him and take him out of the hospital, but the doctors terrified Robert by telling him if he left the hospital, he would die… now, look what happened. Only, rather than dying on his own terms, surrounded by family and friends, Robert was put to death in a cold, unfeeling hospital, on THEIR terms, and alone. Let this last statement stay with you all – We are in a WAR right now… and the HOSPITALS, not the Walmarts… are the concentration camps. If you go in, you DON’T come out.”

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