Recap of Day 27 of the Truckers for Freedom ConvoyFebruary 19, 2022

On day 27 of the Truckers For Freedom Convoy, police trampled and beat peaceful protesters, a True North journalist was pepper-sprayed and the world watched on in disgust.

The day began with the Trudeau government cancelling debate over the Emergencies Act in the House due to police action on adjacent streets around Parliament Hill. 

Shocking scenes ensued.

Riot police had been flown in from all corners of Ontario to shut down the protest. They were armed with heavy firepower, riot gear, pepper spray, tear gas and batons. 

Police deployed riot horses and pepper spray, vehicles’ windows were smashed, and over 100 arrests were made.

In what was likely the most horrifying scene of the day, police on horseback charged the crowd and trampled an elderly First Nations woman who had pleaded that the protest was peaceful.

Her condition in hospital is unknown at this time.

Watch the shocking abuse of power enabled by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s implementation of the Emergencies Act.

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