President Trump’s TRUTH SOCIAL Launches, Hits Number One On Apple Store WITHIN HOURS, Hundreds Of Thousands Placed On Waiting List

President Trump’s TRUTH SOCIAL Launches, Hits Number One On Apple Store WITHIN HOURS, Hundreds Of Thousands Placed On Waiting List
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Good, clear, accurate concise explanation of the situation.

Good, clear, accurate concise explanation of the situation. The socialist NDP party led by superliar Jagmeet Singh, voted with dictator Trudeau’s far left Liberal party and now Trudeau will have this dictatorial power for several more weeks.

However, he is going to try to make it permanent and during this three weeks where Trudeau can ignore laws and individual rights, he is going to tear apart those who do not agree with him and his political enemies. Almost all of it will happen out of view and the legacy media, CBC, CTV, Global, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail etc. will not report any of it even if they hear about it because they are paid off with “subsidies” and Trudeau implemented so as to gain control of the press/information/thought control. Trudeau is using hundreds of millions of our tax dollars every years to give to “selected” media so as to control information and therefore thought. This is the first thing communist regimes do; they first want to control information and thought.

I said many times, as soon as Trudeau was bizarrely elected as prime minister of Canada that authoritarian takeover of Canada was his goal from the beginning.

I said he was going to seize more and more power piece by piece, far beyond what a Canadian prime minister is supposed to have; which he has been doing. Some attempts have been stopped, others have succeeded. I said that if he ever had a chance he would seize absolute authoritarian dictatorial power. And he has done just that. I had no idea how he could possibly be able to get this absolute power, but I said multiple times that if he had a chance he would do it. And he has.

And now I am saying that he is going to try to make this authoritarian dictatorial power permanent. I hoped I was wrong about the other things and unfortunately I wasn’t. Of course I hope I’m wrong about this.

One more point. Chrystia Freeland is making many if not most of the moves behind the scenes and they are being guided by the World Economic Forum in their shared agenda of imposing a global authoritarian, totalitarian government system that works with the large corporations to control all wealth and own all property.

The agenda is called “the great reset” and their slogan is “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” Of course someone will have to own all of the “everything” that people used to own. One guess at who that would be. Of course. Them. You will be allotted digital credits to rent things that they permit based on your own “social credit score”. If you say the wrong things or have the wrong opinions or jay walk or whatever they will just shut off your credits and you can no longer rent anything. Sound familiar? Yes. That’s happening in Canada right now to specific targeted people who had the “wrong” opinions and who wanted their freedom back and so supported a convoy of trucks going to peacefully demonstrate for their freedoms.

So does this sound like a conspiracy theory, like the forced vaccines (extreme coercion is force), vax passports, extreme restrictions, etc were all once conspiracy theories? Well, the founder and head of the World Economic Forum is seen in a recently surfaced video saying that Trudeau and more than half of his cabinet are disciples of the “World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders” program. He also talked about how they penetrate governments to impose their control over countries. And of course, their main agenda is the great reset, which Trudeau has specifically promoted such as in a zoom speech to the United Nations, which is also on board with the great reset using the name “Agenda 2030”.

Jagmeet Singh also has a profile on the WEF site. I have not looked in to whether he went through the program. But he was responsible for allowing Trudeau to seize authoritarian power by having his socialist party vote to support the so-called “Emergency” Act.

Killing freedom and democracy, step by step.


HSBC Says Hong Kong COVID Clampdown May Hurt Ability To Hire, Keep Staff

HSBC Says Hong Kong COVID Clampdown May Hurt Ability To Hire, Keep Staff

FILE PHOTO: A man wearing a protective mask walks past a logo of HSBC at its headquarters, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Kuala Lumpur

FILE PHOTO: A man wearing a protective mask walks past a logo of HSBC at its headquarters, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia September 9, 2020. REUTERS/Lim Huey Teng

February 22, 2022

LONDON/SINGAPORE (Reuters) – HSBC said Hong Kong’s strict curbs on travel and social interaction are hurting the economy and may impact the ability to hire and keep staff in the Asian financial hub, in one of the strongest comments yet by a global lender on the city’s tough measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The evolving Covid-19 restrictions in Hong Kong, including travel, public gathering and social distancing restrictions, are impacting the Hong Kong economy, and may affect the ability to attract and retain staff,” the lender said on Tuesday.

The comments came as the Asia-focused lender reported its annual profit more than doubled. It said, however, it expects a weaker performance in its wealth management business in Asia in the first quarter of this year.

Daily infections numbers in Hong Kong have risen sharply this year, reaching a record 7,533 cases on Monday, overwhelming the government’s testing, hospital and quarantine capacities.

The Chinese territory is following Beijing’s “zero-COVID” policy rather than adapting to life with the virus.

As a result of that policy, more expats are thinking of leaving, and global banks, asset managers and corporate law firms are facing up to many of their staff exiting after annual bonuses are paid out in the first three months of the year. 

Economists say that without unprecedented relief measures in Hong Kong’s 2022-23 budget on Wednesday, it’s hard to see how the economy can avoid contracting again after emerging last year out of its most prolonged recessions, which lasted from 2019 to 2020.

HSBC’s comments came after Bill Winters, chief executive of Standard Chartered, last week said the city’s travel curbs could in the long run hurt its status as a financial hub compared to other regional centres.

(Reporting by Lawrence White in London and Anshuman Daga in Singapore; Editing by Kenneth Maxwell)