Shared from Patriot Destry of the Healthy Patriots Library

‘^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^goes with the above picture ^^

Removed today from a patient in an ICU in Utah. Presented with shortness of breath. The patient is a 32 year old male with no existing health conditions. He is still alive, currently intubated, in the ICU, and sedated.

Family stated that he has received the “vaccine”.

I am currently communicating with several nurses from this institution who are getting follow up information for me.

I’m just wondering when people are going to realize that people on the other side of things do not care if we or this nation survive into the future. Ultimately, in the unpleasant recesses of our humanity, we know exactly what has to be done with these people.

Communism is a death cult that has always led to the death of millions and soon-to-be billions. We will not be allowed to not partake of it, we must resist it now. It can never take root or it will consume everything. I wonder if the rumors about Putin and his language regarding nuclear attacks have any merit?’

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