President Trump Said He’s Not Returning to Twitter…And Then He Dropped a New Bomb On Everyone!

President Trump Said He’s Not Returning to Twitter…And Then He Dropped a New Bomb On Everyone!

By T. Richards

April 26, 2022

So, President Trump is not returning to Twitter, and I can’t really say that I blame him.

How he was treated was disgusting and I am sure that left a very bad taste in his mouth. And as he’s proved, Trump doesn’t need Twitter, but Twitter needs Trump… because trust me, it got really boring without him.

However, President Trump is really happy about Elon Musk buying Twitter and he thinks he’s a good man, who’ll do good things.

But it’s the bomb he dropped right after all that, which really got people excited…

President Trump is staying on Truth, and he’s actually going to start posting there as soon as next week.

Trump has not been active on Truth so this is great news to hear.

We have seen “Free Speech” platforms ban President Trump. This stagnates the effort but we have scavenged for his messages and now everything is as clear as daylight!

A few days ago, his son unveiled his new product. Trump calls this product ‘Trump 2024’, a name that he has been using for a long time.


The Trump Golden Card has been acknowledge by the majority of the US as the ONLY GOLDEN CARD that will change HISTORY! Kamala Harris already tried to STOP this but with no success!

A major combatant against the Inflation that the Current Administration is causing.

Trump went into detail in his exclusive phone call about the Golden Patriot Card. In it he addressed how it will combat inflation.


The democrats have now embarked on a dangerous mission to keep President Trump’s already limited product out of the hands of loyal patriots like you and I!

Trump’s Golden Card is unsurprisingly on course to become the most popular Presidential product in the history of our great country, and the liberals just can’t deal with this.

The President is now calling on his loyal supporters to aid him in the battle against the dangerous democrat party. He needs all of us to show our support for the movement that is making America great again.

There are a limited number of GOLD CARDS FOR A 75% DISCOUNT, but not for long.

As you can imagine, these cards are hot property and it’s impossible to know how many are left. So you need to act fast.


You too, can own a unique piece of history when you act now.

If you want to help the cause against the democrats and show your support for our country, what better way to do that than with President Trump’s Gold Card?

Read what Patriots like you are saying…

Special Offer: Order a Golden Trump Card in the next 15 minutes and we’ll give you your FREE Lifetime VIP Email Support (Worth $199) + 75% OFF

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