Energy Secretary Shows Her Green Enthusiasm Is Just for Show

Energy Secretary Shows Her Green Enthusiasm Is Just for Show

Whether it is Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg saying that if you owned a $50,000 electrical vehicle you won’t have to worry about gas inflation, or numerous officials saying that our energy goals should be zero fossil fuels, the Biden administration is fully onboard with the far-left environmental lobby. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm parrots the green agenda like every other member of the administration.

Besides being the only person in the imaginary world to be able to drive on sunshine, she also is not very convincing in the real world either. In a recent publicity event, she did not know how to charge an electric vehicle, even though she claims to own one.

This would not be the first time a politician was exposed for not really knowing what they are talking about. It just confirms that the people in charge are not concerned with the truth, either of their own actions or the viability of going green.

The current state of the power grid cannot handle a large shift to electric vehicles, nor are renewable energy sources like wind or solar in a position to be able to pick up the slack. You would be hard-pressed to find an American who does not want clean water to drink and pure air to breathe. That is why the environmental lobby has become so powerful. It just sounds so good.

You cannot talk your way out of reality, however. The rush to green policies is partially responsible for massive inflation in gas and energy prices. Although we are not experiencing issues in the electrical grid like some of our European partners, creating an unstable grid can quickly become a national security issue for the United States.

Instead of leaders who are particularly good at saying the required platitudes about the environment, we need sober-minded people who will look at what can and cannot be done with current technology and make decisions based on reality. Not how we wish things to be. People like Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm who can ‘drive on sunshine’ are part of the problem, not the solution.