The events we watching in America and around the world are in unison and have been planed for many year’s.

The planning committee has been in session long before you were ever aware of their existence. a bunch of Satan worshipping, child trafficking, molesting, adrenochrome addicted harvesting, drug trafficking, thieving, manipulating, lying pigs. They aren’t backing down either. They can’t,they’re in to deep now. But… hear me when I say… the pressure cooker lids are going to eventually blow completely off.

Letter from Hillary Clinton to Jimmy/Jimmy of Comet Ping Pong

When you see almost every single nation of the planet rising up against their government leader’s, politician’s, teachers, doctors, etc… You must not question your instinct, your heart, and your mind when they are all telling that this is not just a pimple on society, it’s a small cell cancer that is silently aggressive and the ONLY thing it cares about is TAKING OVER UNTIL IT HAS COMPLETELY CONSUMED YOUR ENTIRE BODY, MIND AND FEELS YOUR BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS! IT LITERALLY WANTS YOU DEAD!!!


Why didn’t someone say something

“We the People” will only be pushed so far, you this better than anyone. It’s going to be the ugliest thing Americans have witnessed in a long long time. I’m telling you if right now, sweetheart if you aren’t stashing up survival supplies and if your kids aren’t, you might want to make sure you have enough for them because things are progressing faster and faster. Dates are being moved up be those perverted sick assholes and getting nervous because they want their way under any circumstances. The longer it takes them to achieve the goal the more money it costs them. They’re going to excel if for no other reason than that! They have been planning this year’s, and they feel like they’re too close let up off the gas. It’s the only thing that makes sense!

Keep going
Thomas Sowell

Don’t you dare think that you can out smart or out run it. You will only be fooling yourself and it will undoubtedly cost you everything! I it will cost you your life. Not alone you can’t.

The good news is though, if are willing to stand tall, be brave and trust a few other like minded people like yourself you will have power! AND…If we all stand together they will be in capable of taking us down.


“Strength in numbers” and there are way more of us than them!!! AND THERE ALWAYS WILL BE!


And you better believe that He is watching with both wide open even when ours aren’t

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