Biden Signs Order for 24-7 Surveillance of all US Citizens?

Biden Signs Order for 24-7 Surveillance of all US Citizens?

Jim on multiple news networks

Former Advisor to Pentagon and CIA: “This is the most treacherous act by a sitting US President. Do THIS now.”

Economist cover
Economist cover
U.S. Federal Reserver working with MIT
U.S. Federal Reserver working with MIT
Project Lithium
Project Lithium
bill to develop digital cdollar
bill to develop digital cdollar
Gold Reserve Act of 1934
Gold Reserve Act of 1934
Biden's proposal for a new digital currency is an attack on liberty
Biden’s proposal for a new digital currency is an attack on liberty
Jim at the Pentagon
Jim at the Pentagon
Jim talking to Ben Bernake
Jim talking to Ben Bernake
The Asset Emancipation System
The Asset Emancipation System
The Perfect Physical Gold Portfolio: Everything You Need to Know About Buying the Right
          of Physical Gold
The Perfect Physical Gold Portfolio: Everything You Need to Know About Buying the Right
of Physical Gold

Where were you on March 9, 2022…

…when President Biden signed the death warrant on American freedom?

On that day, in a hushed ceremony at the White House…

without the approval of Congress, the states, or the American people…

Biden signed into law Executive Order 14067.

Federal Register / Vol. 87, No. 49 / Monday, March 14, 2022 / Presidential Documents

Buried in his Order are a few paragraphs, titled Section 4

The language in Section 4 makes Order 14067 the most treacherous act by a sitting President in the history of our republic.

Section 4 reads…

Sec. 4. Policy and Actions Related to United States Central Bank Digital Currencies. (a) The policy of my Administration on a United States CBDC is as follows:

(i) Sovereign money is at the core of a well-functioning financial system, macroeconomic stabilization policies, and economic growth. My Administration places the highest urgency on research and development efforts into the potential design and deployment options of a United States CBDC. These efforts should include assessments of possible benefits and risks for consumers, investors, and businesses; financial stability and systemic risk; payment systems; national security; the ability to exercise human rights; financial inclusion and equity; and the actions required to launch a United States CBDC if doing so is deemed to be in the national interest.

(ii) My Administration sees merit in showcasing United States leadership and participation in international fora related to CBDCs and in multicountry conversations and pilot projects involving CBDCs. Any future dollar payment system should be designed in a way that is consistent with United States priorities (as outlined in section 4(a)(i) of this order) and democratic values, including privacy protections, and that ensures the global financial system has appropriate transparency, connectivity, and platform and architecture interoperability or transferability, as appropriate.

(iii) A United States CBDC may have the potential to support efficient and low-cost transactions, particularly for cross-border funds transfers and payments, and to foster greater access to the financial system, with fewer of the risks posed by private sector-administered digital assets. A United States CBDC that is interoperable with CBDCs issued by other monetary authorities could facilitate faster and lower-cost cross-border payments and potentially boost economic growth, support the continued centrality of the United States within the international financial system, and help to protect the unique role that the dollar plays in global finance. There are also, however, potential risks and downsides to consider. We should prioritize timely assessments of potential benefits and risks under various designs to ensure that the United States remains a leader in the international financial system.

(b) Within 180 days of the date of this order, the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, the Secretary of Commerce, the Secretary of Homeland Security, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the Director of National Intelligence, and the heads of other relevant agencies, shall submit to the President a report on the future of money and payment systems, including the conditions that drive broad adoption of digital assets; the extent to which technological innovation may influence these outcomes; and the implications for the United States financial system, the modernization of and changes to payment systems, economic growth, financial inclusion, and national security. This report shall be coordinated through the interagency process described in section 3 of this order. Based on the potential United States CBDC design options, this report shall include an analysis of:

(i) the potential implications of a United States CBDC, based on the possible design choices, for national interests, including implications for economic growth and stability;

(ii) the potential implications a United States CBDC might have on financial inclusion;

(iii) the potential relationship between a CBDC and private sector-administered digital assets;

(iv) the future of sovereign and privately produced money globally and implications for our financial system and democracy;

(v) the extent to which foreign CBDCs could displace existing currencies and alter the payment system in ways that could undermine United States financial centrality;

(vi) the potential implications for national security and financial crime, including an analysis of illicit financing risks, sanctions risks, other law enforcement and national security interests, and implications for human rights; and

(vii) an assessment of the effects that the growth of foreign CBDCs may have on United States interests generally.

(c) The Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Chairman of the Federal Reserve) is encouraged to continue to research and report on the extent to which CBDCs could improve the efficiency and reduce the costs of existing and future payments systems, to continue to assess the optimal form of a United States CBDC, and to develop a strategic plan for Federal Reserve and broader United States Government action, as appropriate, that evaluates the necessary steps and requirements for the potential implementation and launch of a United States CBDC. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve is also encouraged to evaluate the extent to which a United States CBDC, based on the potential design options, could enhance or impede the ability of monetary policy to function effectively as a critical macroeconomic stabilization tool.

(d) The Attorney General, in consultation with the Secretary of the Treasury and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, shall:

14MRE0 Federal Register / Vol. 87, No. 49 / Monday, March 14, 2022 / Presidential Documents

(i) within 180 days of the date of this order, provide to the President through the APNSA and APEP an assessment of whether legislative changes would be necessary to issue a United States CBDC, should it be deemed appropriate and in the national interest; and

(ii) within 210 days of the date of this order, provide to the President through the APNSA and the APEP a corresponding legislative proposal, based on consideration of the report submitted by the Secretary of the Treasury under section 4(b) of this order and any materials developed by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve consistent with section 4(c) of this order.

Because Section 4 sets the stage for…

  • Legal government surveillance of all US citizens
  • Total control over your bank accounts and purchases…
  • And the ability to silence all dissenting voices for good.

They’re coming for your money. And it’s already started.

In this new war on freedom, the Dems aren’t coming for your guns. No, they’re thinking much bigger than that.

My name is Jim Rickards.

I’m a former advisor to the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, the CIA, and the Department of Defense. I’m also an attorney, investment banker and author of 7 books on currencies and international economics.

When places like Fox, CBDC (Central Bank) or Bloomberg want to know what’s about to shakeup the global economy, they call me.

Most of all, like you, I’m a proud American patriot.

The disturbing predictions you’re about to see are based on my independent research and my contacts in the intelligence community.

I’ve never made this kind of public announcement before…But it’s my duty to pull the alarm.

This is what I believe Section 4 of Biden’s Order means for all Americans… it is laying the groundwork for…

The US dollar being made obsolete.

Soon, your cash will be confiscated – or will simply be worthless paper.

The cash currency we have now will be replaced with a new, programmable digital tokens.

But the truth is, few outside the deep state recognize Biden’s move for what it really is.

If my predictions are correct, this so much more sinister than simply replacing the cash dollar with a new digitized version…

Friend, this new currency will allow for total control of all American citizens.

Because every “digital dollar” will be programmed by the government…

that means they will be able to “turn on or off” your money at will.

Not only that, but they’ll be able to TRACK and RECORD every purchase you make.

This is very different than “online banking”…

And it has nothing to do with crypto.

I’ll explain everything in a moment, but what you need to know now is…

AOC has already publicly declared her support for a government controlled “spyware” currency…

The digital dollar means Dems would be able to punish any contribution, purchase, or even social media comment they don’t like.

And this isn’t something years away…

It’s starting now.

Biden’s secret army has been hard at work, and…

US trials are already well underway.

In fact, our government is racing to catch up…

China and Russia have already launched pilot programs for their own digital currencies. 

More than half the countries in the world and almost 90% of central banks are testing or exploring a digital currency right now.

In my opinion, it’s not a question of “Will the US implement a digital dollar?”

It’s just a question of “When”…

And the answer to that is…

It’s already happening. 

Under Project Lithium and Project Hamilton, the new “spyware” currency has been quietly tested for several years.

There’s no stopping it. 

I predict we’ll see a digital dollar hit circulation next year – or 2024 at the latest.

But I do have some good news for you.

It’s almost too late, but you can still protect your assets and your freedom

…if you know exactly what to do.

In the next 84 seconds, I’m going to show you everything.

You’ll see the ugly proof of their plan.

You’ll see what this could mean for you and your life savings.

I’m also going to show you the ONLYway I trust to protect your money and your freedom from Biden’s new surveillance machine.

I call it “Asset Emancipation” – and it’s easy to do and understand.

If you choose to take advantage of it…

Asset Emancipation is a way to legally secure – and even GROW – your wealth…

While hiding it safely away from Democrat surveillance and control.

It’s a loophole designed to outsmart a new spyware currency…

While potentially increasing your personal wealth.

But you must know exactly how to do it.

And that’s what I’m going to show you today.

I must warn you – some of this will be difficult to watch.

But if you care about your money and your freedom, please do not turn away.

Thanks to what you’ll witness here…

You’re about to be much more prepared for the coming storm than your neighbors…

…and that’s a very powerful position to be in.

Imagine if you were German in 1923 and able to somehow avoid the 29,500% hyperinflation that made their money worthless…

Or if you could have “opted out” of Roosevelt’s confiscation of all private gold in 1934…

That’s the power of Asset Emancipation.

And I’ll show you everything right now.

Thanks to Section 4 of Biden’s Order 14067 ordering urgent research into developing the digital dollarI believe the US dollar, the standard of the world since 1792…

…will be REPLACED by a new currency, the digital dollar.

These new electronic currencies are called CBDCs – or “central bank digital currencies”.

(I call the digital dollar “Biden Bucks” because I want him to take full credit for what I consider to be crimes.)

This is not like the money in your online bank account…

No, this is new and different.

Every digital dollar will be a programmable token, like bitcoin or other crypto currencies.

But there’s a big difference…

Cryptocurrencies are decentralizeddigital currencies. Instead, if it plays out the way I see it…

Biden Bucks will have the full backing of the U.S. Federal Reserve.

They will REPLACE the cash (“fiat”) dollar we have now…

And will soon be the sole, MANDATORY currency of the United States.

When Biden Bucks are rolled out, many experts – myself included…

…believe they will begin an era of total government control and surveillance.

This is not hyperbole.

This would dramatically expand the power and influence of the federal government… essentially acting as a new type of “spyware”.

With Biden Bucks, the government will be able to force you to comply with its agenda.

Because if you don’t, they could turn off your money.

This won’t be like freezing a bank account, it will be so much easier.

Because Biden Bucks will be “digital tokens” programmed at the source

…they could be “turned on or off” at will, with just a keystroke.

And they could be reprogrammed at any time.

With Biden’s secret surveillance army running the show, the anti-freedom implications are almost limitless…

For example, Biden Bucks could be programmed to allow only certain kinds of purchases…

Imagine what this new world could look like…

You want to keep your internal combustion engine car?

Your digital dollars suddenly won’t pay for gas.

Instead, you can be forced to buy an electric vehicle…

That’s just the tip of the fascist iceberg…

They can force you to get vaccinated…

They can force you into solar…

They can force you to use less water or heat…

They can force you to eat fake, plant-based meat…

They can control where you are allowed to travel…

They can stop you purchasing certain items – like guns, ammo, or survival supplies.

They can control to which candidates you are allowed to donate.

And they’ll know every single place you ever spend money. Forever.

America would become a surveillance state like China or North Korea. 

Every single aspect of your life could be controlled…

Because they’ll control your money.

In fact, I fully expect them to implement a “social credit rating” like in China.

Say the “wrong” thing on social media…

Buy the “wrong” thing…

Subscribe to the “wrong” news channel…

Give money to the “wrong” candidate…

And your rating drops…

Suddenly, your Biden Bucks are frozen or disappearing from your account

This is already happening in China.

There, a low social score gets you officially labeled “untrustworthy”.

They can take away your ability to travel…

…restrict your internet access…

…deny your family the best schools or jobs…

They may even take away your pets.

I’m not kidding.

All of this is going on today.

But that’s China… an oppressive, communist country.

Could this really happen in a democracy?

Just ask the truckers in Canada.

Because that’s exactly what happened to them.

Their Prime Minister Trudeau was granted “special emergency powers” during the peaceful trucker protests over his forced vaccination law…

He then ordered all banks to freeze the accounts of the protestors…

AND anyone who aided them in any way.

And it wasn’t just a threat…

That fascist froze the bank accounts of non-violent protestors.

He locked up over $6 million in private accounts for protesting a forced vaccination law the truckers believed violated their sovereign human rights.

Think about that…

They protested his policies…

So he took away their money.

Think our current government would love to do that?

Me too.

Under Biden Bucks, we’ll lose many of our God-given American rights.

They’ll be replaced by total government surveillance and control.

For almost all Americans, this will be the death of freedom. Forever. Almost all Americans… 

Not you.

You won’t be a victim.

You can beat Biden’s surveillance army at its own game.

The key is what I call “Asset Emancipation”.

Asset Emancipation was created to help you maintain and even grow your personal wealth…

…regardless of what happens to the cash dollar.

Even better…

It’s designed to legally hide your assets away from government surveillance

And allow you to potentially profitfrom the turmoil.

For the record…

Asset Emancipation has nothing to do with giving up your passport or fleeing the country…

It also has nothing to do with offshore banks or foreign currency trading…

And you won’t hear about it from your financial advisor, because it’s almost certain…

he has no clue about this loophole for legally “opting out” of the Biden Bucks surveillance program.

I’ll reveal everything in a moment, but I want to expose how deep this new conspiracy runs…

Programmable currencies will soon replace ALL the cash currencies on earth.

More than HALF of countries and almost 90% of central banks are exploring or testing a digital currency right now.

This includes Japan, Germany, India, France, the UK, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, and China.

In fact, China’s new digital currency – the e-yuan – was used for millions of dollars’ worth of transactions at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The Economist has announced the rise of government-backed digital currencies, warning they will “shift power from individuals to the state”.

Even an institution as conservative as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) admits these new currencies are “The future of money”.

Make no mistake…

No matter the outcome of any future elections…

This is happening.

The storm is closing in.

If my research and predictions are correct…

Soon, there will be no more cash.

The dollar we know will be dead and buried.

Replaced by programmable Biden Bucks.

The secret surveillance army has been working on this for years…

The U.S. Federal Reserve has been quietly partnering with scientists at MIT to develop a digital currency to replace the dollar.

They call this initiative Project Hamilton.

Then, this year, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation, the clearinghouse for US stocks, bonds, and other security trades…

…quietly launched Project Lithium.

Project Lithium is testing how a digital dollar will work in the financial markets once the current dollar is dead.

Project Lithium is partnering with the Digital Dollar Project

…a joint effort started in 2020 between Accenture, US regulators, and tech leaders to create the digital dollar…

Then, on March 29, 2022, just days after Biden’s Order 14067 was signed…

Representative Stephen F. Lynch introduced H.R. 7231, the Electronic Currency and Secure Hardware Act.

This act, co-sponsored by 4 other Democrats…

ORDERS the Secretary of the Treasury to develop a digital dollar.

I believe we’ll see the first rollout of the new digital dollar – Biden Bucks – in 2023 or 2024.

And it’s right on schedule.

You see, about every 40-50 years there’s a major disruption in US monetary policy…

…that increases government power at the expense of citizen rights.

The Gold Reserve Act of 1934 was the first currency quake.

In that shocking act of fascism…

Democrat President Roosevelt ordered all US citizens to hand in their gold. 

Yes, privately owning gold was made illegal.

The government wanted it all.

If you failed to comply, you faced huge fines or were jailed.

Interesting how this fascist plot isn’t taught in our history classes, isn’t it?

Then came currency quake number 2…

…the Gold Standard Act of 1971, when the US abandoned the gold standard for good.

What happened then?

The dollar got destroyed, rampant inflation continued…

And the power of the Federal Reserve increased dramatically.

I predict The Death of the Dollar is the third and final currency quake. 

But it will be more dangerous and far-reaching than any that came before.

If the US dollar is replaced by Biden Bucks spyware, I believe…

The government will be able to track, control, and limit your spending.

Soon, there will be no more privacy. Zero. Gone.

The government will know your whereabouts and habits at all times… 

…because they will know exactlywhere all your money is spent.

This new state surveillance army will be everywhere.

In history, I don’t know of one example of a government with access to a citizen surveillance system that hasn’t used it.

Not one.

In fact, surveillance is the true driving force behind the new Chinese digital currency.

China already uses facial recognition software, mobile phone GPS, and the purchase of plane or train tickets to track their citizens.

They use this to detect “anti-state activities” and to arrest anyone who does not strictly follow the orders of Chairman Xi.

Now, can you imagine the Dems having this kind of total government control?

In fact, the coronavirus pandemic gave them a playbook for how to control a population.

They’ve been practicing for 2 years…

Now, thanks to Biden’s Order 14067…

I predict the US will soon be a surveillance state like China.

On March 26, 2022, Fox News sounded the alarm:

“[Biden Order 14067] is a truly remarkable and deeply troubling development.”

“If a [digital dollar] were to be created, it would dramatically expand the power and influence of the federal government and Federal Reserve…

“…in ways most Americans won’t understand until it’s too late to roll it back.”

With Biden Bucks as our mandatory currency…

…it would be so easy for the government to confiscate assets and freeze accounts at will.

In fact, Biden Bucks could allow one party to hold on to power… forever.


Merrick Garland could say, “We have the voting records. We know if you voted for Trump.”

“And if you did, we’re going to disable your bank accounts.” 

Does that sound like a stretch in this day and age?

I don’t think so either.

There’s more…

Your retirement savings could disappear.

They’ll do this through the introduction of a negative interest rate.

This is not far-fetched.

In fact, I believe it’s extremely likely.

Here’s why: It’s simple economics.

The government doesn’t want us holding on to cash.

They need us spending, spending, and spending some more to prop up their house of cards economy.

So, how do you stop people holding on to cash? 

Step 1: You eliminate cash altogether – with the Biden Bucks digital currency.

Then, Step 2: You introduce a negative interest rate on all accounts.

After all, you can program a digital currency to do anything, at any time.

With the negative interest rate, if you don’t spend your money, it starts shrinking.

Think of it this way…

How do you slaughter cattle?

You need to get them into a chute first – otherwise they’ll all run away.

Biden Bucks are a digital cattle chute.

You cut off access to all other forms of currency… 

You do away with everything except this programmable, trackable digital dollar… 

And then you can march us all right to the slaughterhouse. 

They’ll control how and where you spend your money.

And if you don’t spend it, they’ll make it disappear.

Friend, all of this is underway right now.

I believe we are at the dawn of the total surveillance state. 

There’s no stopping it. 

There’s no escaping it.


Unless you know how to legally “sidestep” Biden Bucks…

And protect your savings and your freedoms.

call it Asset Emancipation.

And that’s what I’m going to show you now.

I hold a master’s degree in International Economics and another in Taxation.

I got my law degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Law.

I worked at the highest levels of Wall Street and international finance for 40 years.

I held senior positions at Citibank, Caxton Associates, and the hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management.

I’ve been inside the West Wing of the White House.

I helped negotiate the end of the Iranian crisis for the Reagan administration.

The Nixon administration asked me to help craft the Petrodollar Accord.

I’ve attended strategic sessions in the “vaults” – the secure meeting rooms inside the Pentagon.

Here’s a photo of me there. (This is all I’m allowed to show you of the inside.)

In fact, I hosted the first ever financial war games for the Pentagon.

I’ve been asked to the CIA Directors’ secure conference room on the seventh floor of Langley headquarters.

I’ve been inside the U.S. Treasury and spoke privately with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner.

I’ve been invited into the Federal Reserve and had conversations with Ben Bernanke.

Here’s a snapshot of our discussion…

I really don’t like to brag.

But my experience and connections give me a unique insight into the coming storm…

And when it comes to showing you how to protect your wealth and freedom, you want someone with my credentials.

Don’t trust anyone with less.

And I have good news today…

You can still protect yourself, your family, and your wealth.

Just like I have.

But there’s one thing:

You must act now.

There’s almost no time left.

They’re currently working on Biden Bucks…

Look, my eyes are wide open about the problems in America, but I love our country.

I refuse to stand back and let the fascists take control.

Not without a fight. 

That’s why I’ve created something you won’t find anywhere else on earth.

A true gameplan for sidestepping Biden Bucks…

…for protecting your savings…

…for outsmarting Biden’s surveillance army…

And emerging stronger, safer, and potentially wealthier than before.

It’s called Asset Emancipation.

And it’s a financial survival plan for the coming storm.

Asset Emancipation allows you to legally hide your money from a Biden Bucks surveillance state…

And even better than that…

It was designed to help you PROFIT from the turmoil it will bring…

My background inside the US intelligence community, investment banks, and global currency markets…

…has shown me how smart investors could profit from the digital dollar disaster.

That’s exactly what Asset Emancipation was designed to do.

Now, of course, you don’t have to do this.

And you can sit back and trust our government if you like…

But by watching this full presentation…

I know you’re a lot smarter than the average Joe.

You see that America will soon be transformed into a total surveillance state…

And that you could be forced to comply with the Dem’s fascist agenda.

Unless you know exactly how to defeat them.

That’s why, today, I’m going to share my full Asset Emancipation system with you.

I feel it’s my responsibility as a patriot and sovereign citizen.

I’ve written up the full step-by-step gameplan in a new report called…

The Asset Emancipation System: Securing Your Sovereign Wealth and Freedom.

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to claim your own copy of The Asset Emancipation System report…

Inside, you’ll see step-by-step details on how to escape the coming surveillance state…

…including how to:

1. Create an off-the-grid fortune: Secure $1.1 million in wealth inside a hollow “soda can” safe

2. Save your God-given freedoms: Have liquidity and spendable wealth without using Biden Bucks

3. Grow your personal wealth: You’ll get specific investment upside as events unfold

4. Ensure you maintain your wealth — regardless of external conditions

And that’s just the start of what you’ll get…

The bottom line is this…

I believe having some of your assets secured — and “off the grid” — now

…will mean you’re able to prevent the government control that comes with a digital currency.

If that’s what you want to do…

My Asset Emancipation system was designed for you.

Not only that, but everything you’ll see is completely legal.

It might infuriate Biden, AOC, and the state surveillance army…

…but there’s nothing they can do about these survival “loopholes”.

Your wealth – and your freedom – will be secure. 

And you’ll be the only one on your block who knows these secrets.

Feel free to share them with your most trusted friends and loved ones.

They’ll be so grateful – and you can relish saving them from the new surveillance state.

All you have to do is say “YES, Jim” to this special opportunity today…

And I’ll send you your own personal copy of my new report The Asset Emancipation System… FREE.

That’s right.

I’m not asking you to pay one red penny for my new strategy…

…for securing, and even growing, YOUR personal wealth.

I’ve set aside one free copy for you.

And I’ll explain exactly how to claim it in a moment…

But I want to give you one more thing first.

Anyone who has followed my career knows I trust the strength of gold.

Gold is the most stable long-term form of money the world has ever known.

Throughout human history, there have been thousands of fiat currencies (or “paper money”).

And as far as I can tell, 100% of fiat currencies have eventually lost ALL value.

But gold? 

Gold has been accepted as currency across the globe for more than 5,000 years. 

And when digital currencies radically alter the world banking system…

I’d rather put my faith in 5,000 years of human history.

What kind of precious metals should I buy and in what quantities?

Which kinds of metals should I avoid?

Where are the best places to buy gold (and other precious metals)?

And what are the best — and safest — ways to store them to avoid theft or government confiscation?

Because of the imminent replacement of the dollar with a digital currency…

And to help you invest in gold before prices potentially skyrocket, and it’s too late

I’ve created a way for you to claim a free copy of this report today…

…so you can have all the information you need to invest in precious metals the RIGHT way.

That’s still not all I have for you…

You see, I’ve learned of another little-appreciated asset that’s a liquid form of wealth

It can’t be tracked or traced…

It’s completely legal and easy to find (if you know where to look)…

Over time, its value has steadily grown.

But very few people know anythingabout its investment potential…

You’re about to be one of the few.

I believe you must include this “secret” asset in any off-the-grid portfolio…

I tell you exactly what it is and how to get it in…

America’s Secret Currency: Get in on the Ultimate Off-the-Grid Asset.

Whitecoat Waste

This Activist Group Tapped Into Partisan COVID Politics To Make Big Trouble For Anthony Fauci And The NIH

The White Coat Waste Project has pulled the “lab leak” strings and channeled right-wing anger over COVID to pursue its goal of defunding animal experiments backed by the federal government.

Originally published by BuzzFeed News   |   written by Peter Aldhous

As much of the United States entered COVID lockdowns in April 2020, a tiny group that campaigns against federal funding for animal experiments spotted an opportunity.

Speculation was swirling in right-leaning media that the virus behind the pandemic had emerged from a lab in Wuhan, China, rather than from wildlife sold for food in the city’s markets. As it happened, the White Coat Waste Project had been looking into taxpayer money going to labs in China, including in Wuhan. The group’s founder had strong contacts with Republican politicians and had launched the group with the mission of getting conservatives into animal activism.

The White Coat Waste Project sprung into action, persuading DailyMail.com to run a story saying the US government had funded the lab. Then all hell broke loose.

Then-president Donald Trump, keen to blame China for the pandemic, was soon involved. After prodding from the conservative outlet Newsmax at a press conference, his administration terminated the grant from the National Institutes of Health, which had been awarded to a New York–based nonprofit called the EcoHealth Alliance.

Since then, the controversy over whether the COVID pandemic started with a “lab leak” has escalated into a ferocious fight, with conflicting narratives that paint EcoHealth and the Wuhan Institute of Virology either as out-of-control scientists who may have caused the pandemic through inherently risky research or as the victims of politically motivated conspiracy theoriesunfairly vilified as the architects of a catastrophe that they worked for years to prevent by studying the risks posed by bat coronaviruses.


Two years on, and with the scientific trail 


The White Coat Waste Project has subsequently channeled right-wing anger toward Anthony Fauci, the public face of COVID policies including mask and vaccine mandates, accusing his National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which is part of the NIH, of funding “

“They jumped on the bandwagon of how I have become public enemy number one of the far right,” Fauci told BuzzFeed News. “If you engage and try and push back on that, it very often only gives it legs. And then it becomes even worse of a problem.”

The White Coat Waste Project

White Coat Waste Project’s Anthony Bellotti

Poring over polling data, Bellotti could see that there was a big gap between Democrats and Republicans on the issue. Democrats were much more likely to support campaigns against animal experiments, which had often focused on corporate labs, and Republicans tended to back the research. So Bellotti crafted a message calculated to bring the missing Republicans on board, focusing on government spending. He avoids the label “animal rights,” and has cast the White Coat Waste Project as a “taxpayer watchdog uniting liberty-lovers and animal-lovers.”

In addition to mobilizing support from the political right, there was another reason to target government spending: Congress has the power to shut it down. “The goal isn’t to change hearts and minds, it’s to win the fight,” Bellotti told BuzzFeed News. “We had to get to the root cause of the problem, which was the government spending.”

The group didn’t really take off until 2016, when Bellotti hired Justin Goodman, a former director of laboratory investigations with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to head the White Coat Waste Project’s advocacy efforts. Goodman started digging into government databases and filing FOIA requests to identify projects that the group could campaign to defund.

Even before the pandemic, the White Coat Waste Project scored some victories. An early campaign, launched in a report called “

The cover of the White Coat Waste Project’s 2019 report titled “USDA Kitten Cannibalism

But it was another campaign that sowed the seeds for the attack on EcoHealth and its collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. In 2018, the White Coat Waste Project began to target the US Department of Agriculture’s Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory in Beltsville, Maryland, zeroing in on its research into 

That framing drew on an 

After that win, Bellotti said that the White Coat Waste Project started to wonder about what else was being funded with taxpayer dollars outside of the US: “This is horrible stuff. What else is going on?” So Goodman started to look at research in foreign labs funded by the NIH, 

White Coat Waste Project’s Justin Goodman

Still, the White Coat Waste Project

At that time, Peter Daszak, president of the EcoHealth Alliance, had never heard of the White Coat Waste Project and had no inkling of the storm that was brewing. “If you would have told me that this chain of events was going to happen, I would have said, ‘No way, this is absolutely impossible,’” he told BuzzFeed News.

Indeed, in late January 2020, officials in Fauci’s institute who were preparing 


The White Coat Waste Project started reaching out to Republicans in Congress — and the NIH was soon reeling. By April 13,

Two days later, the alarm bells were ringing at the very top of the NIH. Lawrence Tabak, deputy to Francis Collins, then director of the NIH, 

“I reached Tony, he is now informed,” Collins replied, confirming Fauci was in the loop.

Then, on April 17, a Newsmax reporter asked Trump about the project, repeating the false claim that $3.7 million had gone to the Wuhan institute. “We will end that grant very quickly,” 


But three days later, NIH terminated the entire grant, for “convenience.” In a 

Daszak was stunned. So too were many other scientists, disturbed that research that had been exceptionally highly rated in peer review, and which was directly related to the pandemic, could be canceled at a stroke. On May 21, 

EcoHealth’s response came on the day after the Nobelists’ letter, when the group’s pro bono lawyer 

Later, in a congressional hearing, Fauci was asked why the grant was terminated. “It was canceled because the NIH was told to cancel it,” he 

The backlash against Lauer’s initial letter seemed to prompt a rethink from the NIH. As 

“We have concerns that WIV has not satisfied safety requirements under the award, and that EcoHealth Alliance has not satisfied its obligations to monitor the activities of its subrecipient to ensure compliance,” Lauer wrote.

To lift that suspension, EcoHealth would have to respond to seven requests for information and materials. They included: “EcoHealth Alliance must arrange for WIV to submit to an outside inspection team charged to review the lab facilities and lab records, with specific attention to addressing the question of whether WIV staff had SARS-CoV-2 in their possession prior to December 2019.” There was no way a US nonprofit could get the Chinese authorities to agree to such a request: Even the WHO team, including Daszak, that later visited the institute in February 2021 as part of its 

With Lauer’s second letter, the grant entered a state of limbo from which it has yet to emerge — and seems unlikely to.


Hector Retamal / AFP via Getty Images The Wuhan Institute of Virology on Feb. 3, 2021

Since then, 

The White Coat Waste Project once again entered the fray. In November 2021, it released 

Some proposed experiments involved chimeras based on the virus that causes MERS, a respiratory disease that first showed up in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and has since 

The NIAID officials accepted Daszak’s explanation that these experiments didn’t meet the US government’s definition of gain-of-function research: He had argued that there was no reason to suppose the chimeric viruses would be any more dangerous than the viruses behind MERS and SARS. So the NIAID allowed the research to continue.


“We’ll have to agree to disagree here,” Goodman said, when BuzzFeed News questioned this claim. “We’re not interested in debating the interpretation of these emails or the definition of gain-of-function. We’re only interested in exposing and ending wasteful government spending on dangerous animal experiments.”

Emails and other documents obtained by BuzzFeed News show that the chimera experiments had already been deepening EcoHealth’s problems, as Lauer and other NIH officials looked for evidence that EcoHealth had breached the terms and conditions of its grant.

Daszak’s problem was that the NIH determined that an experiment described in annual progress reports for the grant indicated that one of these viruses had made mice engineered to carry the human receptor targeted by SARS-like viruses sicker than expected and showed signs of rapid growth. “EcoHealth failed to report this finding right away,” NIH deputy director Tabak later wrote in an October 2021 

None of this amounts to a smoking gun linking EcoHealth and the Wuhan institute to the origins of COVID, as the viruses involved were very different to SARS-CoV-2. And in a letter to Lauer and Tabak after the latter’s communication with Comer, Daszak 

But it gave Lauer evidence that he was looking for. EcoHealth is now under audit from the Office of Inspector General for the Department of Health and Human Services, an independent watchdog that monitors fraud, waste, and other problems, as 

The NIH declined to discuss Lauer’s email and timeline, saying in a statement: “NIH doesn’t comment on internal deliberation of grant awards.”

In December 2021, the White Coat Waste Project 


Stefani Reynolds / POOL / AFP via Getty Images Anthony Fauci

The gain-of-function

“What happens when he gets out and accuses me of things that are completely untrue is that all of a sudden that kindles the crazies out there, and I have threats upon my life, harassment of my family and my children,” Fauci said.

By the time of these acrimonious exchanges, the White Coat Waste Project had embarked on another campaign that made Fauci its main focus. In July 2021, the White Coat Waste Project launched its “

The next month, the White Coat Waste Project 

The story really took off on Oct. 24, 2021, when 24 members of Congress from both parties, led by Rep. Nancy Mace, a Republican from South Carolina, 

The Washington Post 

The NIAID tried to address the controversy, stating that it 

The White Coat Waste Project’s critics argue that its demonization of Fauci, seemingly calculated to channel existing right-wing anger with the government scientist seen as the public face of mask and COVID vaccine mandates, has taken animal activism into scary territory.

“They take a tiny sliver of truth, and then around that they build this highly emotional somewhat fictional narrative to build their case,” Jim Newman, director of strategic communications with Americans for Medical Progress, which argues that animal experiments are essential to develop new treatments and vaccines, told BuzzFeed News. Animal activists have long been accused of 

“Of course, the pro-animal experimentation lobby hates that we hold government bosses accountable for funneling tax dollars to cruel and wasteful animal tests,” Goodman said. “We generally don’t run campaigns targeting individual taxpayer-funded animal experimenters to respect their privacy and because we question the approach’s effectiveness, but federal agency bosses are public figures and fair game.”

Threats to Fauci’s life, which began well before the White Coat Waste Project’s BeagleGate campaign, have been 

The White Coat Waste Project stresses that it opposes violence and issued a 

As the White Coat Waste Project has seized its opportunities and gained a higher public profile, the group has itself come under scrutiny. In February, the Campaign for Accountability filed a complaint with the IRS and the Federal Election Commission, alleging that the White Coat Waste Project had coordinated with the White Coat Waste Political Action Committee, founded in 2017, in breach of regulations prohibiting tax-exempt nonprofits from engaging in political campaign activities.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Bellotti declined to answer questions about the political action committee, which he said was a separate organization. Goodman later sent a statement describing the Campaign for Accountability’s complaint as a “politically-motivated, baseless, and frivolous attack,” noting: “The WCW Project does not fund activities of the distinct, all-volunteer WCW PAC.”

Despite the partisan dynamics that have driven the White Coat Waste Project’s campaign against funding for the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Bellotti told BuzzFeed News that his group’s goal remains finding ways to unite Democrats and Republicans on defunding animal experiments backed by the US government. “We didn’t know when we launched this that it would get partisan in the way it did,” he said.

The White Coat Waste Project’s latest campaign, again tapping into concern about US taxpayer dollars going to the nation’s most powerful adversaries, might just have broader political appeal. Less than a week after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it published a 

Peter Aldhous is a reporter for BuzzFeed News.


Digital Currency and Central Digital Currency Banks

US Digital Currency


The US dollar could go digital. Here’s what you need to know


March 11, 2022

As technology continues to revolutionize the way people live, work and spend, central banks around the globe have kicked off efforts to reinvent their local currencies for the digital era. Now, the United States is the latest to signal “urgency” in researching a potential digital version of its dollar via a Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC. 

Part of President Joe Biden’s executive order regarding digital assets on Wednesday includes “placing urgency on research and development of a potential United States CBDC, should issuance be deemed in the national interest,” according to an accompanying fact sheet released by the White House.

Biden’s executive order regarding digital assets

Biden’s executive order is centered around six priorities: “consumer and investor protection; financial stability; illicit finance; U.S. leadership in the global financial system and economic competitiveness; financial inclusion; and responsible innovation.”

It directs the Department of Treasury to assess and develop policy recommendations and encourages regulators to ensure oversight, it encourages the Financial Stability Oversight Council to identify risks and develop policy recommendations on regulatory gaps, and it calls for a focus on coordinated action across federal agencies to mitigate illicit finance and national security risks. 

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the executive order will help the government make markets fairer and more transparent.

Digital ID – what is it, why is it needed, and how are governments developing it

Global Government Forum Project

Governments around the globe are increasingly focused on the benefits of developing digital identify systems. The systems are viewed as ways to create secure online means for citizens to access government services as provision is increasingly moved online.

However, moving government services online requires two capabilities: departments must be able to share and match data on individuals, addressing any discrepancies between their datasets; and citizens need a single, secure, online access point.

Recent research by Global Government Forum interviewed seven senior national figures to find out what digital leaders need to succeed.

It highlighted the need for a single citizen digital identity system, built around either a ‘unique identifier’ – such as the reference numbers lying at the core of many national ID systems – or a ‘golden record’: a ‘single source of truth’ held by a designated civil service body.

The United Kingdom has recently embarked on a programme to develop a digital ID, while eight countries have drafted a set of high-level principles to support the development of mutually recognised and interoperable digital ID systems and infrastructure

The Digital Government Exchange (DGX) Digital Identity Working Group said that collaboration on digital ID could help “facilitate economic recovery from COVID-19, for example to support the opening of domestic and international borders”. 

The 11 principles call for digital ID infrastructure to be open; transparent; reusable; user-centric; inclusive and accessible; multilingual; secure and private; technologically neutral and compatible with data portability; administratively simple; able to preserve information; and effective and efficient.

How are governments developing digital IDs in the UK, Germany, France, United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand?

Countries are taking different approaches to this issue. The UK’s One Login programme, which will allow users to create a government account to access services online, or through an app.

The programme represents a shift in the government’s approach. Its previous effort was known as GOV.UK Verify, a web platform that allowed people to register to prove their identity with the proof then accepted by government departments and agencies to access services. The system was intended to provide assurance for people to register for services such as benefits, but suffered from low take-up.

Outside of Estonia, different European nations are also at different stages of development. The German government’s Digital Identities programme now allows German citizens will be able to save their electronic proof of identity from their German ID card directly onto their smartphone and use that electronic ID function via their smartphones. The French Government’s The French government agency, Agence Nationale des Titres Sécurisés (National Agency for Secure Documents) has selected digital ID firm IDEMIA to work on its national digital ID programme, France Identité Numérique.

National plans in European countries will also dock into the European Commission’s digital identity framework for citizens, with the German government stating that “our goal is to use interoperable ID solutions of the EU member states to establish a European alternative to non-European private ID services”.

Elsewhere, the Government of Canada’s government digital strategy, which includes a continued effort to introduce secure digital identities for citizens, while the US federal government has a programme for a real time digital ID verification service.

In Australia, the government has already established a digital identify system, with legislation published to expand the existing process “to a whole-of-economy solution so that all levels of government and private sector – especially small and medium businesses – can participate and share in the efficiencies and benefits that Digital Identity will bring for them and the community”.

Development of a digital identity system is a key foundation outlined in the New Zealand government’s Strategy for a Digital Public Service, with legislation planned to create a digital services trust framework after investment in the system was approved by ministers in June 2021.

DGX’s Digital Identity Working Group report highlighted that although its member countries’ existing policies were specific to their respective government’s requirements around digital identity, all were broadly aligned to ISO standards, EU standards or industry best practice.

“Across most member countries, trust frameworks, policy and legislation have been developed with future mutual recognition and interoperability in mind, opening up the broad opportunity to achieve interoperability between the digital identity systems and infrastructure,” it said.

Read GGF’s latest articles on the development of digital identity schemes by governments 

Digital identity: what the UK government needs to get right in One Login programme

Pakistan to launch digital ID wallet this year

Eight countries set out principles for the future of digital ID

Global report reveals senior officials lack understanding to drive digital transformation of government

Asking the experts: What do digital leaders need to succeed?

Births, deaths and everything in between: designing services around peoples’ lives

EU presents plan for bloc-wide digital identity scheme

Government of Canada launches updated digital strategy

‘7 Lenses of Transformation’ system, developed in 2018-UK


Central bank digital currencies: foundational principles and core feature


What Is Executive Order 14067? (Part 2) | Does the Central Bank Digital Currency / Programmable Currency / Mark of the Beast / Social Credit Score System Begin On December 13th 2022?

On December 12, 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC” or “Commission”) adopted a Declaratory Ruling that finds Short Messaging Service (SMS) and Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) are “information services” under the Communications Act and that these services are not “telecommunications services” or “commercial mobile services”. As a result, SMS/MMS won’t be subjected to the regulatory burdens that apply to telecommunications and commercial mobile services and, according to the FCC, consumers will be able to continue benefiting from measures put in place by SMS/MMS providers to block unwanted text messages. https://www.commlawblog.com/2019/01/articles/cellular/fcc-classifies-texting-as-an-information-service/

Is Biden Planning On Removing the Cash In America Beginning On December 13th 2022?
What Is Executive Order 14067? | Does the Central Bank Digital Currency / Programmable Currency / Mark of the Beast / Social Credit Score System Begin On December 13th 2022? https://rumble.com/v1g3urn-what-is-executive-order-14067.html
What Is Executive Order 14067? Why Was Executive Order 14067 Signed On March 9th 2022? Does Executive Order 14067 Put the Mark of the Beast Financial System Into Effect On December 13th 2022? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executive_Order_14067
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The Monkeypox Emergency + The Climate Emergency = Loss of Freedom and Sovereignty:
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Intergovernmental Negotiating Body –
What Is a PHEIC? COVID-19 Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) Global Research and Innovation Forum https://www.who.int/publications/m/item/covid-19-public-health-emergency-of-international-concern-(pheic)-global-research-and-innovation-forum
Climate Emergency 101:
SHOCKING!!! READ The Climate President’s Emergency Powers – https://rumble.com/v1di5v7-climate-emergency-.html
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Loss of Freedom and Sovereignty:
Read the working Pandemic Treaty draft, presented on the basis of progress achieved, for the consideration of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body at its second meeting https://apps.who.int/gb/inb/pdf_files/inb2/A_INB2_3-en.pdf
Intergovernmental Negotiating Body – https://apps.who.int/gb/inb/e/e_inb-2.html
What Is a PHEIC? COVID-19 Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) Global Research and Innovation Forum https://www.who.int/publications/m/item/covid-19-public-health-emergency-of-international-concern-(pheic)-global-research-and-innovation-forum
READ – The Climate President’s Emergency Powers: https://www.biologicaldiversity.org/programs/energy-justice/pdfs/Climate-Emergency-Powers-Report.pdf


Watch the Original August 14th 2022 Presentation by Robert Kiyosaki Today At: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wg5emX9NAM

Learn More Today At: https://wtfhappenedin1971.com/

Learn More About and Request Tickets to General Flynn and Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour Today by Clicking HERE: https://www.thrivetimeshow.com/reawaken-america-tour/

WATCH for FREE: Watch the ReAwaken America Tour Documentary for FREE Today At: https://store.thrivetimeshow.com/

Who is the man leading “The Great Reset” agenda?
Yuval Noah Harari – Learn More: https://timetofreeamerica.com/who-is-the-man-leading-the-covid-19-great-reset-agenda







Dozens of court docs relating to eight of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s associates – including billionaire hotel magnate – will be UNSEALED after judge rules public interest outweighs right to privacy


PUBLISHED: 14:05 EST, 18 November 2022 | UPDATED: 09:30 EST, 20 November 2022 

Dozens of court docs relating to eight of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s associates – including billionaire hotel magnate – will be UNSEALED after judge rules public interest outweighs right to privacy

  • Judge Loretta Preska on Friday ordered dozens of documents related to Jeffrey Epstein’s associates to be unsealed  
  • The bombshell papers are part of a defamation case that victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre brought against the financier’s madam and facilitator, Ghislaine Maxwell
  • The judge overrode objections from Tom Pritzker, the billionaire executive chairman of the Hyatt Hotels
  • In his submission to the court, Pritzker claimed it would ‘wrongfully harm (his) privacy and reputation’ if material related to him was made public
  • A total of 16 ‘Non-Party Does’ objected to the release of the files being made public and half have already been dealt with by the federal court in New York
  • The latest batch related to the remaining eight, referred to as Does 12, 28, 97, 107, 144, 147, 171, and 183

Dozens of court documents relating to Jeffrey Epstein‘s associates, including a billionaire businessman, will be made public after a judge ruled the public interest outweighs the right to privacy.

Judge Loretta Preska on Friday ruled that the material concerning eight people should be unsealed despite one subject claiming it could ‘wrongfully harm (his) privacy and reputation.’

Judge Preska overrode objections from Tom Pritzker, the billionaire executive chairman of the Hyatt Hotels, and ordered material related to him be made public.

The documents are part of a defamation case brought against Maxwell by accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre in 2016 that was later settled.

The trove of material has been released on a rolling basis after with the first set coming in 2019, two days before Epstein killed himself, after numerous requests from media organizations.

Jeffrey Epstein
The compensation fund was proposed by Epstein’s estate in late 2019 after dozens of women filed civil lawsuits following the billionaire financier’s death


Dozens of documents relating to Jeffrey Epstein’s associate are to be unsealed, a judge ruled today

JAN 6 The QANON Committee 🐸 #DDK #QNN

Rumble video

JAN 6 The QANON Committee 🐸 #DDK #QNN

QspecialForces Published November 23, 2022


Jan 6 TikTok video screenshot


#HOPEONAROPE #nocensorship #theyFQQKED


Crimes Against Humanity

We are witnessing crimes against humanity taking place all across this country and all over the world. Our friends and family members have been and are being harmed by measures ostensibly implemented to protect them and keep them safe.
We are witnessing crimes against humanity taking place all across this country and all over the world. Our friends and family members have been and are being harmed by measures ostensibly implemented to protect them and keep them safe.

Document Your Story

Document Your Story
Click Here to Document Your Story

Please fill out as much information as you can. While most fields are optional and the entire form does not to be completed in order to submit your story, the more information you are able to provide, the better we will be able to serve you and advance our mission.

Click link to document your story in the COVID-19 HUMANITY BETRAYAL MEMORY PROJECT.

Document Your Story Here

Source: https://chbmp.org/document/


Crimes Against Humanity
View All Cases Now
Click Here to View All Cases Now

Click link below to view documented cases in the COVID-19 HUMANITY BETRAYAL MEMORY PROJECT.

View Documented Cases

Crimes Against Humanity

We are witnessing crimes against humanity taking place all across this country and all over the world. Our friends and family members have been and are being harmed by measures ostensibly implemented to protect them and keep them safe.

Two Years of Isolation, Abuse & Mistreatment

For over two years, the people have been abused, manipulated, maligned, and sometimes even murdered in the name of public health. This has been and is still going on in hospitals, assisted living facilities, juvenile detention centers, schools, and really anywhere else that institutional mandates can be applied with force. We, the people harmed by these unamerican and unconstitutional measures, are dedicated to pushing back on this encroachment on our civil liberties, and putting a stop to these grievous harms the people are being forced to endure at the hands of those entrusted to protect them.

Never Forget

This is one of many projects developed to defend our liberties undertaken by the FFFF. The primary goal of this project is to document, archive, and assist those impacted by these crimes against humanity. We are taking testimonials from those who have survived the protocols mandated by these disastrous policies, interviewing victims and family members to validate their stories, and documenting and archiving everything. We will not allow the victims of these crimes against humanity to go unheard.

Managed By FFFF Citizens Task Force 

The FFFF Task Force is composed of survivors, victims, and families of victims who have suffered grievous harm as a result of malicious public health policy. If you have been harmed by the disastrous public health policies of the last two years and would like to help others and raise awareness, please Join the FFFF Task Force today.

Source: https://chbmp.org/document/

Covid watchdog site says Alaskans died or suffered after hospitals denied treatment options By Joel Davidson Nov 22nd 2022

Covid watchdog site says Alaskans died or suffered after hospitals denied treatment options

   By  Joel Davidson    Nov 22nd 2022

By AlaskaWatchman.com

The COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project

An ongoing nationwide project to document how Americans were treated during the Covid-19 outbreak includes several accounts of Alaskans who either died or were severely injured after receiving dangerous experimental drugs or being denied treatment options like ivermectin.

The COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project now has nearly 350 documented case files. 

The COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project is building an archive of what it calls “crimes against humanity committed during the COVID crisis.”

The goal is to establish a resource detailing the “individual victims of the FDA Death Protocol including remdesivir and the concerted effort to deny COVID victims safe and effective alternatives to expensive and often deadly Emergency Use Authorization drugs, victims of vaccine mandates, and others who have been harmed in the name of public health,” the website states.

The project includes hundreds of video interviews and specific data from survivors and family members of those who have died.

As of Nov. 22, the website contained 344 individual stories, including three from Alaska.

The overarching goal of the Covid19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project is to provide information on how Americans can shed light on what happened to their friends and loved ones in order to ensure that this never occurs again.

“Everyday, we are hearing evidence of what we believe are crimes against humanity,” the website states. “We are archiving it, so that no one will ever be able to forget what was done in the name of public health … If you or someone you love has been harmed by the FDA Death Protocol including remdesivir, you can now sign up to join this amazing support group.”

Each person who contacts the group is called back for a detailed video interview, which recounts how they or their loved ones were treated by medical staff, doctors and administrators, including drugs and medical interventions.

The three Alaska stories all involve people who had not received Covid jabs. They each checked into the hospital for care and were given the experimental drug remdesivir, while being denied other treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The testimonials state that the patients were not told that remdesivir is an experimental drug, nor were they informed about its side effects. Two of the Alaskans died while in the hospital, while a third lived to personally tell his story.


The Alaska testimonies, like many of the others on the website, detail the confusion, anger and desperation which many families experienced as they watched loved ones suffer, and in many cases, die alone without effective advocates at their side.

Nationally, families are now bringing wrongful-death lawsuit claims against hospitals for administering the controversial drug remdesivir to Covid positive patients without their informed consent. These suits claim that patients were given the toxic without being properly advised of the side effects, which include acute kidney failure, liver failure and multiple organ failure. At the same time, victims claim they or their loved ones were denied more established treatments like ivermectin.

ALASKA TESTIMONIES: Below are links to the three Alaska stories

— KEVIN HITE: A 62-year-old who check into Mat-Su Regional Hospital in September of 2021. He ultimately survived after enduring what his family described as horrific treatment. Click here to watch his video and learn the details of his testimony.

— FANNIE DOWNES: A 62-year-old woman who checked into Providence Hospital in Anchorage in August of 2021. Her husband said Fannie was given inferior medical care in the days leading up to her death. Her full story is documented here.

— EDWARD “DONNIE” WILSON: A 55-year-old man who checked into Mat-Su Regional Hospital in August of 2021. His daughter relayed an account of poor treatment and the shocking death of her father. The details of Wilson’s story are here.

Click here to support Alaska Watchman reporting.

Joel Davidson 

Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska. 

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  • Mongo Love CandyNovember 22, 2022 at 4:39 pmMurdering bastards!Reply
  • ClarkNovember 22, 2022 at 5:41 pmIvermectin never has been an ‘established treatment’ for Covid. Its been studied extensively and still hasn’t been proven effective. Hence why the CDC and WHO still say DON’T use it. Could be a real issue if hospitals didn’t inform patients about what treatments they were getting. But I find it highly doubtful patients weren’t told they were getting remdesivir. Unless they were on a ventilator in which case next of kin would be told/asked for consent. It had an EUA, so lawsuits arent going to accomplish much.Reply
  • @KGAK100November 22, 2022 at 6:48 pmI truly hope the details of these crimes come to light and those responsible are held to the fullest extent of the law possible its such a violation of every ethical principle this country stands for some how we have gotten to a place where i can give puberty blockers OFF LABEL mind you to teens simply with their consent but i cant give off label harmless drugs to a consenting adult to potentially save their life but instead these people were given an experimental drug without their consent and the staff in these hospitals stood there and watched them die a horrible gasping death there are no words in the english language the majority of the people no longer have any trust or confidence in hospitals they are soulless bastards i hope for justiceReply
  • Steve P PetersonNovember 22, 2022 at 6:52 pmThey want amnesty for what they have done. They might be forgiven (by some), but we will never forget what they did to our most vulnerable citizens… and got paid for each victim who succumbed to their malpractice.Reply
  • Kathy L.November 22, 2022 at 8:31 pmRemembering and honoring a saint. As I daily read “horror stories” of people I didn’t know who lived in other states, I had doubts. Little did I know and little was I prepared for all of this to hit so close to home. A dear Patriot, an older gent, was a member of our group. He was at all the rallies and was a worker of righteousness. One day, he grew ill enough with covid to go to hospital. He requested Ivermectin, Vit C & D and was denied by the hospital. He grew fearful that he might die and while he was still conscious, requested a dear friend to have power of atty. While this processed thru the court, he was put on a vent. The hospital took away his phone. No one was allowed to even see him. He was put on oxygen. It seemed he was slipping away and friends tried desperately to get him relocated to a different hospital that did treat with Ivermectin. One the day all was approved for his move, this sweet man left the earth and went to be with His Lord. Which is better! But it didn’t have to be that way, and somehow, we all feel the hospital was partly responsible. What if Ivermectin was immediately administered????Reply
  • Kathy L.November 22, 2022 at 8:47 pmHere’s another case where the right intervention would have saved a life.
    As I daily read “horror stories” of people I didn’t know who lived in other states, I had doubts. Little did I know and little was I prepared for all of this to hit so close to home. Friends of a friend down south. Her elderly mother (70) was admitted for covid. She went on fb asking for prayer. By then, everyone had heard of the success of Hydroxy and Ivermectin. The daughter told us she inquired about Hydroxy and was told by a doctor…”it doesn’t work!” In no short time, the woman was intubated, and given Remdesivir. By then, everyone had also heard how bad Rem was for people. The family was not allowed to see her in person nor were they allowed input. The doctor’s simply conveyed they were doing this, that or the other. Her condition grew worse each day. The family was only allowed to see her just before she passed. The doctors stated that her internal organs were in such bad shape (she had a collapsed lung) that if she had lived, it would have been a very long and very hard recovery. Gee…all issues caused by machines using too much force and a drug that’s really bad for you! Just like the symptoms noted in the article: acute kidney failure, liver failure and multiple organ failure. YUP…that’s what the doctor ordered. Again, this precious woman was a believer and is in heaven. But it needn’t have happened.Reply
  • CindyNovember 22, 2022 at 10:58 pmYour friend was not an aberration, nor was my husband, nor were the other two already on this website. Please everyone who lost a friend or a loved one go and document your nightmare. It is real, it happened and needs to be revealed. It is painful to remember and tell the facts but necessary for the truth to shed a light on this darkness. I know there are so many of you out there with hurt and anger this is a start to accountability for all those responsible for the deaths and harm they administered. Two other sites that I know are documenting are— Truth For Health Foundation go to Medical Legal Help and choose Sentinel Event and FLCCC Alliance go to Covid Resources and choose Testimonials. We will not shut up, comply and let our loved ones die!Reply

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A Fellow Traveler is described as persons who are politically sympathetic to, but not members of, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), who shared the political perspectives of Communism

American usages

Pre-World War II U.S.

In the U.S., the European term fellow-traveller was adapted to describe persons politically sympathetic to, but not members of, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), who shared the political perspectives of Communism. In the 1920s and 1930s, the political, social, and economic problems in the U.S. and throughout the world, caused partly by the Great Depression, motivated idealistic young people, artists, and intellectuals to become sympathetic to the Communist cause, in hope they could overthrow capitalism. To that end, black Americans joined the CPUSA (1919) because some of their politically liberalstances (e.g. legal racial equality) corresponded to the political struggles of black people for civil rights and social justice, in the time when Jim Crow laws established and maintained racial segregation throughout the United States. Moreover, the American League for Peace and Democracy (ALPD) was the principal socio-political group who actively worked by anti-fascism rather than by pacifism; as such, the ALPD was the most important organization within the Popular Front, a pro-Soviet coalition of anti-fascist political organizations.

As in Europe, in the 1920s and 1930s, the intellectuals of the U.S. either sympathized with or joined the U.S. Communist Party, to oppose the economic excesses of capitalism and fascism, which they perceived as its political form. In 1936, the newspaper columnist Max Lerner included the term fellow traveler in the article “Mr. Roosevelt and His Fellow Travelers” (The Nation). 

Post-World War II U.S.

In the late 1930s, most fellow-travelers broke with the Communist party-line of Moscow when Stalin and Adolf Hitler signed the German–Soviet Non-aggression Pact (August 1939), which allowed the Occupation of Poland (1939–45) for partitioning between the U.S.S.R. and Nazi Germany. In the U.S., the American Communist Party abided Stalin’s official party-line, and denounced the Allies, rather than the Germans, as war mongers. In June 1941, when the Nazis launched Operation Barbarossa, to annihilate the U.S.S.R., again, the American Communist Party abided Stalin’s party-line, and became war hawks for American intervention to the European war in aid of Russia, and becoming an ally of the Soviet Union. [citation needed]

In the U.S., the European term fellow-traveller was adapted to describe persons politically sympathetic to, but not members of, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA), who shared the political perspectives of Communism. In the 1920s and 1930s, the political, social, and economic problems in the U.S. and throughout the world, caused partly by the Great Depression, motivated idealistic young people, artists, and intellectuals to become sympathetic to the Communist cause, in hope they could overthrow capitalism. To that end, black Americans joined the CPUSA (1919) because some of their politically liberal stances (e.g. legal racial equality) corresponded to the political struggles of black people for civil rights and social justice, in the time when Jim Crow laws established and maintained racial segregation throughout the United States. Moreover, the American League for Peace and Democracy (ALPD) was the principal socio-political group who actively worked by anti-fascism rather than by pacifism; as such, the ALPD was the most important organization within the Popular Front, a pro-Soviet coalition of anti-fascist political organizations.

As in Europe, in the 1920s and 1930s, the intellectuals of the U.S. either sympathized with or joined the U.S. Communist Party, to oppose the economic excesses of capitalism and fascism, which they perceived as its political form. In 1936, the newspaper columnist Max Lerner included the term fellow traveler in the article “Mr. Roosevelt and His Fellow Travelers” (The Nation).

In 1938, Joseph Brown Matthews Sr. featured the term in the title of his political biography Odyssey of a Fellow Traveler (1938); later, J. B. Matthews was the chief investigator for the anti-Communist activities of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Robert E. Stripling also credited Matthews: “J.B. Matthews, a former Communist fellow traveler (and, incidentally, the originator of that apt tag)…”

Among the writers and intellectuals known as fellow travelers were Ernest Hemingway and Theodore Dreiser novelists whose works of fiction occasionally were critical of capitalism and its excesses, whilst John Dos Passos, a known left-winger, moved to the right-wingand became a staunch anti-Communist.

Likewise, the editor of The New Republic magazine, Malcolm Cowley had been a fellow traveler during the 1930s, but broke from the Communist Party, because of the ideological contradictions inherent to the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact (Treaty of Non-aggression between Germany and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, 23 August 1939). The novelist and critic Waldo Frank was a fellow traveler during the mid-1930s, and was the chairman of the League of American Writers, in 1935, but was ousted as such, in 1937, when he called for an enquiry to the reasons for Joseph Stalin’s purges (1936–38) of Russian society

From 1934 to 1939, the historian Richard Hofstadter briefly was a member of the Young Communist League USA. Despite disillusionment because of the non-aggression pact between Nazi Germany and Communist Russia and the ideological rigidity of the Communist party-line, Hofstadter remained a fellow traveler until the 1940s. In Who Owns History?: Rethinking the Past in a Changing World (2003), Eric Foner said that Hofstatdter continued thinking of himself as a political radical, because his opposition to capitalism was the reason he had joined the CPUSA.

Moreover, in the elegiac article “The Revolt of the Intellectuals” (Time 6 Jan. 1941), the ex-Communist Whittaker Chambers satirically used the term fellow traveler:

As the Red Express hooted off into the shades of a closing decade, ex-fellow travelers rubbed their bruises, wondered how they had ever come to get aboard. … With the exception of Granville Hicks, probably none of these people was a Communist. They were fellow travelers who wanted to help fight fascism.


In 1945, the anti-Communist congressional House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) became a permanent committee of the U.S. Congress; and, in 1953, after Senator Joseph McCarthy became chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, they attempted to determine the extent of Soviet influence in the U.S. government, and in the social, cultural, and political institutions of American society.

The seven-year period during (1950–56) of moral panic and political witch hunts was the McCarthy Era, characterized by right-wing political orthodoxy. Some targets of investigation were created by way of anonymous and unfounded accusations of treason and subversion, during which time the term fellow traveler was applied as a political pejorative against many American citizens who did not outright condemn Communism. Modern critics of HUAC claim that any citizen who did not fit or abide the HUAC’s ideologically narrow definition of “American” was so labeled which, they claimed, contradicted, flouted, and voided the political rights provided for every citizen in the U.S. Constitution.

In the course of his political career, the Republican Sen. McCarthy claimed at various times that there were many American citizens (secretly and publicly) sympathetic to Communism and the Soviet Union who worked in the State Department and in the U.S. Army, in positions of trust incompatible with such beliefs. In response to such ideological threats to the national security of the U.S., some American citizens with Communist pasts were suspected of being “un-American” and thus secretly and anonymously registered to a blacklist (particularly in the arts) by their peers, and so denied employment and the opportunity to earn a living, despite many such acknowledged ex-communists moving on from the fellow traveler stage of their political lives, such as the Hollywood blacklist.

Types of fellow traveller

In Masters of Deceit: The Story of Communism in America and How to Fight It (1958), FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, defined five types of “fellow traveler”, as politically subversivepersons who he believed meant to promote the Communist deposition of the U.S. government:

  1. The card-carrying Communist, who is a member of the American Communist party
  2. The underground Communist, who hides his or her membership in the Communist party
  3. The Communist sympathizer, who is a potential communist, because he or she holds Communist political views
  4. The fellow traveler, who is someone who is sympathetic to Communism, but is neither an influential advocate of Communism, nor a potential Communist
  5. The dupe, is a man or a woman who obviously is not a Communist, or a potential Communist, but whose politics enable Communist subversion, e.g. a prominent religious leader who advocates pacifism or civil rights for minority groups (racial, religious, etc.), and who opposes Red-baiting[by whom?] as an illegal abridgement of the citizens’ civil and political rights.
Contemporary usages

The New Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought (1999), defines the term fellow-travelleras a post-revolutionary political term derived from the Russian word poputchik, with which the Bolsheviks described political sympathizers who hesitated to publicly support the Bolshevik Party and Communism in Russia, after the Revolution of 1917

The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (1993) defines the term fellow-traveller as “a non-Communist who sympathizes with the aims and general policies of the Communist Party”; and, by transference, as a “person who sympathizes with, but is not a member of another party or movement”.

Safire’s Political Dictionary (1978), defines the term fellow traveller as a man or a woman “who accepted most Communist doctrine, but was not a member of the Communist party”; and, in contemporary usage, defines the term fellow traveller as a person “who agrees with a philosophy or group, but does not publicly work for it.”

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