America’s Red Alert


This is not my typical story, this is an Action Alert, the intent is for it to make its way to other citizens, to those with legal knowledge & those who are concerned with restoring true Liberty in America, please forward.

I have been in communication with Stephen Corrigan for 2 weeks now, what I write below is a combination of Stephen’s words & my own to simplify a complex issue in the hopes of getting your attention. There are 17 documents attached supporting the issues below. We hear a lot about Freedom, in doing so we forget Freedom is a result of Liberty, it is Liberty we should desire. The same is true with our legal system, we have jumped ahead of its original intent & therefore have strayed away from true Liberty, the attached info is the means to recapture the true intent of our Liberty. I have been exposed to obsessive amounts of social media, televised ‘news’ outlets & written info on what is wrong in America, that should be obvious to all. I have encountered many reasoned & historically grounded solutions to many things, we need these things. What I haven’t encountered in all this information is the critical core solution to America’s pain.

America needs her roots to survive the future, we have drifted away from that, from the core of Liberty & its source which makes America the only nation of its kind in human history. We have neglected the writings & actions of our Forefathers & Founders & in that course allowed “Justice” to take on a new meaning. From the start of this country, the very first & compelling motivation was Liberty from an oppressive government & our historical documents clearly show this was a major concern & that is why protections were ingrained in our history to prevent it. Stephen’s writings clearly formulate the historically firm legal basis to stop an oppressive government. Now is the time for all Americans to come together & offer their wisdom & resources to utilize the judicial system as America makes her case before the world as the bedrock of true Liberty. If you know someone like that, please get them this information.

The Constitution is federal & can only be applied to the States & not to the people in the States. When these federal committees issue a subpoena to someone who is not in the government, they are exceeding their jurisdiction & have no authority to enforce it, as part of the government cannot specify conduct to an individual in any state. Lawyers have been conditioned to believe the federal government has the same power as the English Parliament. This needs to be brought to the attention of Governor DeSantis & President Trump. Governor DeSantis can declare that the federal government has no authority to specify conduct to a citizen of their State.

Article 6 and 7 of the 1st State Constitution of New York details the pitfall of using voice voting. Before a vote is to be counted in an election, the voter must prove he is qualified. Under our form of government, an election board cannot count a mail-in vote without first checking to see if he is qualified. I am attaching a couple of papers that might help. The federal government especially cannot interfere with an election by calling an emergency and setting up rules that must be followed during an election.

A subpoena is an order specifying conduct that must be followed. If the person issuing a law does not have the authority to enforce it, it is nothing more than good advice. This includes all the new agencies created by the government including the FBI. They can investigate but they have no authority inside a state under a republican form of government. The governments do not have the same power as the English parliament. There is only one time a subpoena can be used in the United States. That is when someone has been accused of a crime & the accused knows someone who can prove his innocence. He has the right to demand the court to issue a subpoena to that individual to appear in court & testify under oath. Also, the State of New York has no authority to go on a fishing trip by issuing a subpoena or search warrant to search Trump’s tax returns to find some mistake. That is a power that the English parliament has., NOT a government in the United States.

In my limited legal experience, I believe this pursuit will make a Landmark impact which will readjust our legal system to reflect the intent of the original covenant between God & the People. All the information is documented, this needs to be the America First standard of the law getting us back to our roots as a Republic. It needs a serious investigation into the possibilities of bringing America closer to her roots of Liberty. The effort is time-consuming but considering what is at stake it will result in a shot heard around the world that America has Risen & the Beacon of Hope shines stronger than ever. Stephen’s research is of such magnitude all Americans need to be aware of it & all authority needs to abide by it. If America is to ever have a movement to reclaim Liberty, this is a critical component to make that effort succeed in the lower courts or with a Supreme Court that considers its roots & that of all Americans.

Start your reading with Citizenship in America then Liberty of the Press document & any random doc after that. Stephen’s work is found here Stephen is available for any inquiry & assistance via email:

Contact me at Any problems with the 17-word doc attachments contact us & we will send them via email. Although Stephen sells his books on his website there is no selling today, this info is free in the hopes you will utilize it to bring America back to its legal roots.

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