The CDC, the New World Order, FEMA Coffins & “Smart Guillotines”

The supply of millions of CADAVER bags in the USA and Europe is in full swing

Posted on July 23, 2021

The existence of all these guillotines has always freaked me out. I remember reading that the military private who blew the whistle on the guillotines a while back ended up getting murdered. So there appears to be something to this. They even have “smart guillotines” now. I shit you not. 

FEMA “Smart” Guillotines Placed in FEMA Internment Camps (VIDEO)

READ: A  United States Air force C-17 cargo plane arrived at Andrews Air Force Base loaded with crates of “smart” guillotines, says a White House insider speaking under condition of anonymity.

READ: FEMA Camps Horrifying Reality Suicide Confession

READ: FEMA Ordered 102,000 Boxcars With Shackles and Guillotines – Why Are Modern Guillotines On Military Bases Throughout North America?


November 20, 2020

In “#Scamdemic”

December 21, 2020

In “FEMA Death Camps”

August 2, 2020

In “FEMA Death Camps”

Jerry Derecha

I’m ashamed of what my species has fallen for…


ANTI-CHRISTFOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT, THE ASSASSINATION OF STEPHANIE ADAMS AND SEED, NXIVM, CIA & DRUIDS#COVIDIOTSFuneral Director & Covid Whistleblower John O’Looney Rescued from Hospital After Murder Attempt in U.K. Hospital

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