Biden CRUSHED: Sheriff drops the hammer on Biden’s border crisis

Americans are getting sick and tired of Joe Biden’s failure to secure the border. No one is more up and arms than the law enforcement officials at …

Biden CRUSHED: Sheriff drops the hammer on Biden’s border crisis

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Americans are getting sick and tired of Joe Biden’s failure to secure the border.

No one is more up and arms than the law enforcement officials at ground zero of the illegal alien invasion.

And now Joe Biden was crushed when a Sheriff dropped the hammer on the border crisis.

Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb appeared on Fox and Friends and tore into Biden’s comments that he had more important things to do than visit the border during a recent trip to Arizona.

“We are allowing unprecedented amounts of people, unprecedented amounts of fentanyl to come into this country. The slavery is increasing every day in this country, and it is all happening right at the southern border,” Sheriff Lamb stated.

Lamb described the siege atmosphere that law enforcement in his county felt as illegal aliens overwhelmed the Tucson border sector with tens of thousands of border crossers escaping into the country undetected.

“We had 24,000 apprehensions in the Tucson sector alone, which is the sector that I’m in. We also had 24,000 getaways that we knew about. Who knows how many we don’t know about? Lamb added.

Lamb told Fox viewers that an open border did not just invite an illegal alien invasion.

Mexican drug cartels also took advantage of the open border to ship in deadly fentanyl, which has allegedly led to 100,000 drug overdose deaths.

“And the deaths that we’re having across America from fentanyl is through the roof. So it’s absolutely not secure,” Lamb continued.

Lamb said after two years of on the ground experience with the Biden administration’s policies, the fact that more than two-million illegal aliens have invaded the United States was a feature and not a bug of the regime’s immigration agenda.

“After two years, our deputies know this administration is not committed to protecting our borders. On the contrary, you can clearly see they just don’t care and they’re proud. Their policies are actually contributing to this. And they have to know that this isn’t by ignorance or by accident or incompetence,” Lamb stated.

Lamb explained that open borders have real consequences for the physical safety of both law enforcement and American citizens who fall prey to violent criminal illegal aliens making their way into the United States.

“We’ve had bailouts, which is where we pursue them and then everybody bails out of the car and guys get hit by trucks. We’ve had them drive into canals and drown. We’ve had them get into accidents with law-abiding citizens who are just minding their own business, trying to go to work or go home wherever they’re going. We have women that tell us the stories of being raped. We have children that are being forced into some type of slavery,” Lamb declared.

Joe Biden keeps trying to pretend the border crisis doesn’t exist.

But law enforcement officials on the ground explaining the human toll Joe Biden’s open borders agenda inflicts on the country will not let that happen.

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