URGENT: mRNA Jabs May Have Caused Millions of Serious Conditions.

Peer Reviewed Study Finds New Health Problems

Adults have sharply higher risks of being diagnosed with heart, skin, and psychiatric conditions for at least 90 days after they receive Covid jabs, a peer-reviewed study of almost 300,000 people in California has shown.

The researchers examined new diagnoses given to the same people before and after they were vaccinated to see whether the shots changed the risk of new health problems.

They found that people were about 21 percent more likely to receive a new diagnosis in the three months after a shot, compared to the three months before. With almost 240 million American adults jabbed, the rise translates into millions of extra new medical problems found in the months after vaccination, and tens of millions worldwide.

Serious conditions such as hypertension were about 25 percent more likely to be diagnosed in the three months following a shot than the three months before, the researchers found.

Depression, eczema, diabetes, and cellulitis were 10 to 20 percent more likely.

Myocarditis diagnoses had the highest additional risk. They were about 2.6 times as likely overall, with an even higher risk in men. Myocarditis is a known side effect of the mRNAs, so the fact it had a particularly high rate of extra diagnoses provides strong evidence that the signal the researchers found was real.

Overall, the researchers reported that the 284,000 Covid-vaccinated adults they examined received almost 6,000 additional diagnoses of health conditions in the 90 days after being jabbed compared to the 90 days before.

With about 237 million American adults vaccinated, that estimate would translate into about 5 million extra diagnoses for problems like diabetes in the three months following the shots. Worldwide, the number could be up to 25 million.

In the chart below, the blue column is the risk someone will be diagnosed with a new condition following vaccination, compared to the risk before.

For example, about 2,560 out of the 284,000 people were diagnosed with hypertension up to three months after vaccination, compared to 2,080 of the same people up to three months before. The extra 480 cases translated into a 23 percent higher risk of hypertension following vaccination. Because the number of cases was so high, the risk was highly statistically significant, meaning the finding probably was not due to chance.

(Apologies for the laptop screenshot)

Source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s44161-022-00177-8/tables/1

The study’s researchers are a group from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a big hospital system in Los Angeles. Their findings were published in Nature Cardiovascular Research in December. But the paper has received almost no attention, a common response to reports that raise questions about the safety of the vaccines.

The researchers also noted that in a smaller sample of adults infected with Covid, new diagnoses for health conditions rose about 40 percent in the three months after infection compared to the three months before.

That fact should come as no surprise. Viral infections are both a marker for and a potential cause of ill-health. Further, people are likely visit their doctors both while they are sick with Covid and shortly after they recover. Those contacts provide a chance for them to receive new diagnoses.

In contrast, people generally receive Covid shots at clinics or pharmacies, not from their doctors, so the chance that the process of receiving a new shot will lead to a diagnosis is minimal.

Thus, if Covid jabs are not harmful, mass vaccinations should not impact the timing of illnesses or their diagnoses. New diagnoses should be scattered randomly before and after the shots.

In fact, people who are feeling ill when they are due for a vaccination may be likely to delay the jab and go to a physician instead. They may then receive a diagnosis that would be counted as occurring before the shot, not after.

This “healthy vaccinee bias” should mean that new illness diagnoses are less likely for a few days after vaccination than before, even if the shots have no effect. As a result, the 20 percent increase in common diagnoses after vaccination is particularly stunning.

Meanwhile, researchers in Hong Kong independently found an even sharper increase in autoimmune “flares” following Covid shots.

The risk of new episodes of lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and other serious autoimmune conditions roughly doubled following the shots in a group of 562 patients with those conditions they followed, compared to 1,055 who did not. The paper was published February 17 in the Journal of Clinical Rheumatology and Immunology.

Source: http://worldscientific.com/doi/epdf/10.1142/S2661341723500013

But not all vaccines carried the autoimmune risk.

Only mRNA shots did. Chinese-style inactivated virus vaccines did not. Hong Kong used both types of jabs, making a direct comparison possible. The researchers suggested that the mRNA shots cause the flares by stimulating a specific immune receptor that causes the release of inflammatory cytokines.

“Risk-benefit considerations in patients with active rheumatic disease may favor inactivated virus rather than mRNA vaccines to avoid the risk of flare-ups of any severity,” the researchers wrote.

Americans do not have that option, as the United States does not allow the use of Chinese inactivated Covid vaccines.

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Convention of States Texas – Events – COSAction

Convention of States Texas – Events
Texas TeamUp Calendar

Convention of States
Meet & Greets

Join us at one of our monthly meetings around the state and learn about how to get involved at the local level to make a change for our nation. Or, if there is not a monthly meeting near you, become a District Captain. We provide all the training.



What: COS Meeting – Protecting Texas Children
When: March 10, 6pm to 8pm
Where: Barbwire Halo Church, 6761 SH-154 W, Gilmer, TX 75644
Contact: Shelby Chamberlain

Guest Speaker: Sarah Jessica Fields M.Sfrom the Texas Freedom Coalition, will talk about SEL Programs, Invasion of Parental Rights, Explicit Material used to Indoctrinate Children, Texas Education Code that protects possible criminals and pedophiles.


What: COS HD-17 Monthly Lunch Meeting
When: Tuesday, March 14th, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Where:  Schroeder’s Place, 29875 West Highway 79 Thorndale, TX 76577

Meet, Greet & Eat lunch with fellow liberty minded Texans! Schroeder’s has been in business since 1947 and they specialize in Burgers, Chips and Drinks.


What: Collin Community Action Meeting
When: March 16, 2023, at 6:30 PM
Where: Schimelpfenig Library, 5024 Custer Rd, Plano, TX

*Our guest speaker will be Erika Hatfield, our COS Texas State Director. Download Erika’s bio here

*We will prepare for the March 27 legislative day in Austin.

*We will be advocating to remove the Texas COS sunset clause via HJR35 and SJR36 as well as to end tax payer funded lobbying learn more: RSVP Here


What: COS HD-17 Monthly Lunch Meeting
When: Tuesday, April 11th, 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Where: Kreuz Market, 619 N Colorado St., Lockhart, TX 78644

Buy yourself some famous Lockhart BBQ and join us in the big dining hall.

*We will have a speaker from Texas Scorecard. Texas Scorecard Directory

And you never know who else might drop by…we love our surprise guests.


 Join the Texas Capitol Brigade!

Join us at the State Capitol for key legislative events in the next session.
*We will have members of the Capitol Brigade team in Austin every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to help you and accompany you to visit legislators.
Our goal in this legislative session is to remove the Sunset clause (HJR 35 and SJR 36).
For more information on preparing for visiting your legislator, and information about the Sunset clause, go here.

Sign up to let the Capitol Brigade know when you’ll be in Austin.  The Capitol Brigade will help you with your visit!

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When: Every Tuesday
Where: Texas State Capitol, 1100 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704
What:  Meet with Convention of States leaders Henry Bohnert and Richard Bohnert, take a tour, meet your legislators (we will help you if needed).

When: Every Wednesday
Where: Texas State Capitol, 1100 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704
What:  Meet with Convention of States leaders Cyndie Phillips, Dawn Bednarz and Paul Gastineau, take a tour, meet your legislators (we will help you if needed).

When: Every Thursday
Where: Texas State Capitol, 1100 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704
What:  Meet with Convention of States leaders Terri Swisher and Deborah Farris, take a tour, meet your legislators (we will help you if needed).


When: Monday March 27th, all day
Where: Texas State Capitol, 1100 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

Purpose: Convention of States Legislative Day!

*COSers will congregate from across the state in the Texas Capitol in Austin TX.

*We will have several speakers, including Mark Meckler and legislators!

*We will be visiting with our legislators to talk about COS and the importance of passing HJR 35 and SJR 36 to remove the sunset provision from the COS resolution.

For the agenda and more information go here.

Carpool: Sign up here

A bus is available from Nort h Texas, sign up here.


Meet us at Gun Show
Do you have a Gun Show in your area that you would like for us to attend? Would you like to volunteer at a Gun Show? Sign up here and let us know.



What: Southfork Ranch Gun & Knife Show
Where: 3700 Hogge Drive, Parker, TX 75002
When: Feb 25 – 26, 2023
Come see us at the gun show! Or help us work the booth, telling people how a Convention of States can help protect our liberty. (If you volunteer, admission to the gun show is free!)
More information: tom.wbartel@cosaction.com
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Convention of States 
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Convention of States speakers travel to you. If you are interested in a speaker, please contact us. Topics include

*Convention of States Presentation
*Convention of States “Passed States” Presentation
*Convention of States – Myth Busters
*Shared Sovereignty and the Supreme Court
*Precinct Chair Development
*Election Worker Development
*School Board Developmen
*Texas Legislation

What: Upshur County Republican Women
When: Feb 24, 6pm to 8pm
Where: Barbwire Halo Church, 6761 SH-154 W, Gilmer, TX 75644

John van Compernolle Speaking about Federal Overreach and Convention of States (Article V of the U.S. Constitution) as being the answer.


What: Sweetgrass Republicans
When: Feb 23, 6pm – 8pm
Where: Sweetgrass Clubhouse, 707 Del Webb Blvd., Richmond, TX, 77469

John van Compernolle Speaking about Federal Overreach and Convention of States (Article V of the U.S. Constitution) as being the answer.


What: Fayette County GOP
When: March 11, 9am – 12pm
Where: Frisch Auf Valley Country Club, 575 Country Club Dr., La Grange TX

John van Compernolle Speaking about Federal Overreach and Convention of States (Article V of the U.S. Constitution) as being the answer.


What: Grand Prairie Republicans
When: April 3
Where: TBD
John van Compernolle Speaking about Federal Overreach and Convention of States (Article V of the U.S. Constitution) as being the answer.


What: Bastrop Republicans
When: April 4
Where: TBD
John van Compernolle Speaking about Federal Overreach and Convention of States (Article V of the U.S. Constitution) as being the answer.


What: Mason County Republican Women
When: Oct 18, 11:30am
Where: Eckert Civic Center, 1024 McKinley Ave, Mason, Texas 76857

John van Compernolle Speaking about Federal Overreach and Convention of States (Article V of the U.S. Constitution) as being the answer.

It’s parade time!
To be a part of the Parade Team or to request the COS float to attend your parade, please contact: Regional Captain Henry Bohnert 979-549-7757

What: Chisholm Trail Roundup, Lockhart, TX
When: 2nd week of June
Where: Come and walk or ride with the COS float. The Parade will start at  10am and attracts around 150 entrees from many surrounding communities throughout Central Texas. 

Precinct Chair Connection
Precinct Chair: “The Most Powerful Office in America”. As self-governing citizens, many Convention of States supporters are becoming Precinct Chairs.

For more information, contact Debra Damman, Precinct Chair Coalition Director Debra.Damman@cosaction.com

Upcoming Training around Texas: Registration Details coming soon


What: The Power of the Precinct Chair
When: Feb 25th, 12:00 pm- 5:00 pm
Where: Herby Ham Activity Center (behind Oasis Outback)
248 FM Rd 3447 
Sponsor: Rhonda Vigil, 830.275.2380
Contact: Art Brown


What: Legislative Training
When: Feb 28th, 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm
Where: Grandys, 3201 Texoma Pkwy, Sherman, TX 
Contact: Tom Bartel


What: Power of the Precinct Chair
When: Mar 11th, 9:00 pm- 4:30 pm
Where: Barbwire Halo Cowboy Church, 6761 SH 154 W. Gilmer, TX 
Contact: De’ Borah Deaz



What: Understanding the Legislative Process & Using Databases
When: March 25th, 9:00 am- 5:00 pm (bring a sack lunch)
Where: San Antonio area, TX (Location TBA soon!)
Trainer: Naomi Narvaiz
Contact: Richard Bohnert



Election Action Coalition
We are building a team of skilled election activists and are looking for Election Action Coalition Captains for each county and or Senate District. There are plenty of actions we can take before, during and after elections that can help secure the elections process.

For more information, contact Elizabeth Baron, Election Action Coalition Director Elizabeth.Baron@cosaction.com

Please be sure to check out:

Convention of States Texas Voter Guide
Convention of States Texas Election Prayer Guide


Education Action Coalition
We are building a team of skilled SBOE/School Board activists and are looking for Education Action Coalition Captains for each Independent School District. Contact Erika Hatfield, State Director.

The SBOE (State Board of Education) is required to meet at least quarterly. Meetings are held in the William B. Travis State Office Building, which houses the Texas Education Agency, at 1701 North Congress Ave. in Austin. Each meeting, except for executive sessions restricted by law to specific topics, is open to the public. Anyone who wants to testify in front of the board must submit a public testimony registration form.

Upcoming Meetings
April 11-14, 2023 (SBOE regular meeting
April 13, 2023 (Meeting of the Texas Permanent School Fund Corporation)

June 20-23, 2023
August 29-September 1, 2023
November 14-17, 2023

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Chaos on Capitol Hill

The Sixth Amendment guarantees us a speedy trial. The process of those detained on January 6th has been anything but speedy. It has been impeded by disingenuous politics from the Left.

The information we see coming out from defense teams in the trials of these people indicate that the federal government and law enforcement from the District of Columbia were integral in goading the people into violent and illegal action.

Evidence has now been exposed that shows undercover and plain clothed police officers from both the DC Metro and the Capitol Hill Police – as well as federal agents – were amongst the protesters, some of them literally pushing people towards the doors of the Capitol Building.

Many of us have seen video already of Capitol Hill police officers showing people the way up the stairs inside the Capitol Building.

And then there is the joke of a January 6th committee that was put together – that was gerrymandered – by Nancy Pelosi that withheld all of the video evidence from that day. There shouldn’t be anything held back from that day as far as video evidence. It should all be open for the public to see.

Now that Kevin McCarthy has given Tucker Carlson complete access to that video archive I am sure we are going to see more things that really piss us off! 

The bottom line here is that there were legitimate objections to some of the Electors that were being seated, objections that needed to go through a legal procedure in the Electoral College. That chaos stopped those objections. 

So, if there was any gerrymandering of the election in 2020 – besides the fact that the Judicial Branch in the Supreme Court failed to act on a question of constitutionality where the changing of election law was concerned in several States – it happened with the Democrats manufacturing, fomenting, and encouraging chaos on Capitol Hill that stopped those objections to those electors being seated.

It’s all got to come out.

Everybody knows something wasn’t right with the election. I’m not going as far as to support Donald Trump’s “It was stolen,” but there were things that happened during that election that should never happen again.

Then, this morning’s segment on Talkback with Chuck Wilder…

Read more:


U.S. food additives banned in Europe: Expert says what Americans eat is “almost certainly” making them sick – CBS News

One expert says most Americans likely don’t realize how many additives they’re eating that European regulators shun — and it’s “almost certainly” making them sick.
— Read on www.cbsnews.com/news/us-food-additives-banned-europe-making-americans-sick-expert-says/

Opinion: The truth behind the ‘safe and effective’ Pfizer vaccine includes 1,291 side effects and counting

Opinion: The truth behind the ‘safe and effective’ Pfizer vaccine includes 1,291 side effects and counting

. Thursday, March 10, 2022

Administrator Heidi Wetzler shines a light on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s release of data that reveals adverse effects from the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
Administrator Heidi Wetzler shines a light on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s release of data that reveals adverse effects from the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.
Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com

for some reason you aren’t aware of the recent release of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine safety data, then I’d say the 24/7 mainstream media coverage of the Russia/Ukraine conflict is doing its job.  

Administrator Heidi Wetzler shines a light on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s release of data that reveals adverse effects from the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

Click to open PDF

At first glance, it is tragically obvious why the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requested a ridiculous window of 75 years to release all the Pfizer vaccine data. Conveniently, most of the people affected by the questionable jab would be dead by then. Thankfully, US District Judge Mark Pittman of the Northern District of Texas believed the release of this data to be “paramount to public importance,” and required the FDA to release around 12,000 documents immediately, and then 55,000 pages a month until all documents are released. This shortens the full release of all pertinent data to around eight months. 

After nearly a year of being pestered, shamed, coerced and guilted into receiving one of the COVID-19 vaccines, Joe Biden on Jan. 4, had the nerve to say there is “no excuse for anyone being unvaccinated.” With the proof in black and white from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration itself, we actually have 1,291 “excuses” to remain unvaccinated, Mr. President.

The pharmaceutical industry now tops not only the defense industry, but all other industries in the total amount of fraud payments for actions taken against the federal government under the False Claims Act.”

Former company employees who filed qui tam (whistleblower) suits were the most instrumental in bringing to light the evidence that resulted in the largest number of federal settlements over the past 10 years. 

From 1991-2000 qui tam law suits accounted for only 9% of settlements with the government. But from 2001-2010, qui tam settlements comprised 67% of the billions in payouts.

 The federal government levied the largest financial penalties for the illegal off-label promotion of drugs and state governments levied the largest penalties for deliberate overcharging of Medicaid–both crimes yielded pharmaceutical companies with huge profits. Public Citizen found that state Medicaid programs were paying as much as 12 times the actual cost of a drug.

 Additional unlawful practices by pharmaceutical companies include: unlawful monopoly practices to extend patent pricing or collusion with other companies, kickbacks to providers, hospitals, doctors; concealing negative study findings;  poor manufacturing practices and selling contaminated products; environmental violations; accounting or tax fraud and insider trading; illigal distribution of unapproved pharmaceutical products. 

 Thus,  the size of the financial penalties levied paled when compared with the profits from illegal practices–which is why this industry has escalated its criminal marketing modus operandi.

 We wholeheartedly agree with the assessment of Public Citizen: “Clearly, the continuing increase in violations by pharmaceutical compaines–despite the large financial settlements– demonstrates that the current enforcement system is not working. The lack of criminal prosecution that would result in jailing of company executives has been cited as a major reason for the continuing large-scale fraud, in addition to the fact that current settlement payouts may not be a sufficient deterrent.”

 Adding insult to injury, who do you think is footing the  cost of legal and settlement expenditures incurred by pharmaceutical companies?  Just check the increased price of drugs and figure it out.

 Finally, government suits against pharmaceutical companies have avoided charging or penalizing pharmaceutical companies for the severe harmful consequences suffered by consumers from illegal marketed harmful drugs. This failure to address the disabling adverse drug effects and drug-linked deahts resulting from illegal pharmaceutical activities contributes to the devaluation of human beings–thereby buttressing  this industry’s disregard for the welfare of its customers.

Vera Hassner Sharav

Let’s start with the fact the PFDA (the P is not a typo) asked a federal court for 75 years to make public the many thousands of pages of data submitted to them by Pfizer to support the EUA they (the PFDA) issued.

One interpretation of this action is that they wanted the data to stay hidden for a long time to hide fraud and/or criminality (same thing). The other is that they only had enough staff to complete this task within 75 years. Let’s ignore the 2nd one as absurd on its face (especially since they seem to be pouring out documents monthly after the judge ordered them to). Where there is a will there is a way apparently.

Now why would they want to keep the data hidden? What lies within the realm of possibilities is that at the time they went to court, they knew the EUA and the resulting massive national and global vaccine campaign were pre-determined and independent of whatever “science” emerged to support or not support the campaign. Unfortunately for them, the “science” was not supportive. At all. So they tried to suppress the serious troubling toxicity and lack of efficacy data contained within those documents.
Well the court ordered them to make public thousands of pages of documents each month. My hypothesis above seems to be validated by the uncovering of what is not just troubling, but absolutely terrifying data on the lack of safety in pregnancy. While Dr Naomi Wolf and the WarRoom/DailyClout Research Volunteers recently corrected a report that overcounted miscarriages in one section of the Pfizer documents, they are right to have early and often called attention to signals about this issue overall. Indeed in May 2022, they broke the story of another section of the Pfizer documents, in which the mortality rate of fetuses and babies of women vaccinated with Pfizer’s mRNA injection was about 80 per cent.

Now, let’s do a dive on just one page of the many thousands. See below, Section 5.3.6, Page 12 of the document called “Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports.”

Looking at the first bullet under the header:
Pregnancy cases: 274 cases including:
In this paragraph, at first read, it is just a list of adverse events and numbers, detailed in a way that is confusing at best, and obfuscating at worst. I think it is the latter because, if you do some simple arithmetic trying to parse that paragraph, you end up with this:

270 pregnancies were reported in vaccinated women during the first 12 weeks of the vaccine campaign. In 238 of them, “no outcome was provided.” So, they only knew the outcome of 32 pregnancies reported. What happened in those 32 pregnancies they followed up on?

My hands are literally trembling as I write this, but here goes. In these 32 pregnancies, there were

Report: East Palestine Derailed Train Broke Down Before; Workers Expressed Concern

The train that derailed near the Ohio-Pennsylvania line this month had broken down before on its route as workers expressed concerns
— Read on www.breitbart.com/politics/2023/02/16/east-palestine-derailed-train-broke-down-before-workers-expressed-concern/