Damn Racism

Our current Social Justice system doesn’t like to do the math & break down the reality but there is a crisis coming to a head.

The Results of CRT and the push of racism in Children

This is what we get when politicians continuously focusing on race, victimhood, and “white privilege”.

It’s going just as they planned and just one of many plots recently to propagate hate, division and destruction of our country.

Springfield, Ohio: CCTV showing white children being rounded up by black children at school. Forced to kneel and say “black lives matter” and assaulted. This is what CRT has led to. This is an ELEMENTARY school. ENOUGH!

The events that took place at Kenwood Elementary, unfortunately, had to be referred to law enforcement officials, which limited the District’s ability to share information with our families.

News source: https://www.whio.com/news/local/police-give-update-racial-incident-involving-students-springfield-elementary-school/KQB3B3XWPBDVDGQ5IG4NBQRBBQ/

Teacher’s union brings lawsuit against the Mom of a 5 yr old for asking to have a copy of the class curriculum. They wanted to send a message to other parents, “If you ask questions, we will come after you”.

It’s a good thing the Teachers Union has your back! WAIT