JFK Grassy Knoll Shooter James Files with Pamela Ray author of Interview with History: The JFK Assassination… New Book 2020 PRIMARY TARGET: JFK – HOW THE CIA USED THE CHICAGO MOB TO KILL THE PRESIDENT


Pamela J. Ray with James E. Files

About the Book

Finally free from prison, Grassy Knoll Shooter CIA/Mob assassin James E. Files reveals more chilling details surrounding the events that led up to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Readers who are new to the story, as well as seasoned skeptics of the Warren Commission, can follow along in
  PRIMARY TARGET: JFK – How the CIA Used the Chicago Mob to Kill the President as Files recounts the details from the original plot to kill JFK in Chicago to the dark deed done in Dallas November 22, 1963.

On that day, the United States of America experienced a coup d’état where the 35th president was taken down in a military-style ambush by the Central Intelligence Agency using Organized Crime hit men from Chicago as their assassins. Only a few people are still alive who were there that day and this is the story from the man who fired the fatal head-shot from the infamous grassy knoll.

In PRIMARY TARGET: JFK, along with other new revelations, read the never-before -published CIA debriefing Files had with his CIA controller David Atlee Phillips. Learn why “The James Files Story” has been suppressed since 1994 and how an FBI agent gave his name to Houston Investigator Joe West, the only man to bring a conspiracy case to court on the murder of President John F. Kennedy since the Jim Garrison trial in New Orleans. (92-10500 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS)  With West’s suspicious death in 1993, the court case died as well. In Part V, Appendix and Supporting Documents, Joe West’s court case  as well as West’s letters to Files at Stateville prison are included. 

While James Files was incarcerated for the last 25 years, author Pamela Ray published two books he asked her to write; TO KILL A COUNTRY and Interview with History: The JFK Assassination. On the website for the book Interview with History, a Question and Answer blog was created in 2013 for the public to ask James Files questions. Included in this book is the Q & A section that Files and Ray hope will satisfy readers regarding commonly asked questions and forever put to rest some of the basic facts surrounding his truly incredible and amazing story. 

Final Update: James Files is now a Christian and was baptized in Lake Michigan on June 14, 2018. James Files and Pamela Ray were married in May 2018 and live in Chicago. They’ve been attending a Spirit-filled Christian church together since November 2017. “Let me stand before God to be judged. Let no mortal man judge me.” – Jimmy Sutton/ James Files