White House Says The Quiet Part Out Loud, Confesses Jabs Killing People Of Color At An Alarming Rate [VIDEO]

If one were to apply the Left’s standards, this would be racist.

APRIL 16, 2022

WASHINGTON, DC – On April 14th, the White House debuted a virtual event dubbed “Convening on Equity,” where among the presenters featured was Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra who made the astonishing announcement that the COVID jabs were killing off “people of color” at a rate twice as high as white Americans.

“Secondly, by having better data, we can do a couple of things. Vaccines a year ago today, by the way, we know that vaccines are killing people of color, blacks, Latinos, indigenous people at about two times the rate of white Americans. So, on vaccines last year, we saw that about two-thirds of white American adults had received at least one shot of vaccine.

“That was just barely over 50% for black Americans and Latinos at that particular time. So again, we’ve got to work. Today, a year later, over 80% of white American adults have received at least one shot. Over 80% of black American adults have received at least one shot. Over 80% of Latino Americans have received at least one vaccine shot

The gravity of the HHS secretary outwardly linking these COVID shots to killing people is certainly something, considering that the Biden administration has been a massive advocate of the “safe and effective” narrative surrounding these shots.

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As time goes on, we’re learning more about the adverse effects caused by these COVID shots, with institutions who’d pressured society to take these very shots and quietly admit that they may not have been as “safe” as they were promoted to be.

Earlier in April, Red Voice Media reported on how the World Health Organization (WHO) acknowledged in a March newsletter that cases of “sudden” hearing loss and tinnitus were being linked to the COVID jabs, going so far as to admit “alternative causes were not identified” regarding the hearing loss and tinnitus cases.

Weeks earlier, Pfizer documents that were released unveiled a list of 1,291 different types of adverse reactions that were of “special interest” that occurred during the clinical trials of their COVID shot.

Of course, any talk of severe adverse reactions and even death stemming from these shots is not something that rests well with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, who likens the sharing of these jab-related injuries as being a criminal act.

Back on March 29th, Bourla mocked those who’ve lost loved ones from these shots, saying, “They know that what they’re saying is lying. But they do it despite that. There’s an article with a picture of a man’s wife ‘I forced her to get the vaccine, and then because of the vaccine, she died.’ I realize all of that lies, of course. And they did it, why? Because they wanted to convince people that they were on the fence to do the vaccine or not, don’t do it. Look, his wife died. But forget that, that’s nothing compared to how many people didn’t do the vaccine and died because of that. So they are criminals.”

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Source: Red Voice Red Voice Media