Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the federal government have not secured Texas’ border and have clearly proven they never will. Instead, our national government is actively promoting an invasion of our state. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Greg Abbott has also failed to fill the gap caused by our federal government’s failure. Texans need leadership committed to fixing the problem, not excuses from our governor.

The only chance we have to stop this invasion and have a secure border is with a courageous Texas governor who will act unilaterally to solve the problem once and for all. Texans are currently paying billions annually for housing, schooling, and medical care for illegal aliens. We can fix the problem now or suffer eventual total failure and collapse. 

Although the federal courts have attempted to federalize border control, for much of U.S. history, states dealt with immigration on their own authority under the U.S. Constitution. Texas should begin the effort to stop the takeover of the Constitution by the courts by taking control of our borders–no matter what the federal courts say about it.

I don’t care how the courts rule; Texans must be kept safe. I will not ask the federal government for permission. I will do whatever it takes to permanently end the practice of illegal immigration into Texas. 

As governor I will:

1. Deploy the Entire Texas National Guard to Secure the Border

Mexican narco-terrorist cartels are at the heart of the border crisis. Almost all illegals pay the cartels to cross the River. Tragically, nearly the entire 1200-mile Texas border is controlled by the Mexican cartels. The human trafficking, drug smuggling, gun-running, and other actions by narco-terrorist cartels on both sides of the Texas-Mexico border are putting the lives and livelihoods of Texans at risk. Human trafficking is earning the cartels millions every single day and destroying innocent lives. 

This attack on Texas is an invasion. I will use the authority granted in our federal and state constitutions to protect our state. 

As governor, I will use the power granted to the position under Article I, Section 10 of the US Constitution. The entire National Guard, Texas Military forces, and necessary state law enforcement personnel will be activated to defend Texans from this invasion, enforce immigration laws and deport illegal aliens, and address the insecurity of our border at the source. 

Currently, Gov. Abbott has only mobilized 500 members of our 20,000 National Guard troops. That is woefully insufficient to secure our border.

2. Finish Trump’s Wall

In January, Texas had about 281 miles of border wall completed (51), under construction (177), or in pre-construction (52). In addition to making it clear that Texas borders were open for illegal immigrants, the Biden administration halted construction of the wall.

The first step is to complete the nearly 200 miles of wall planned or under construction when President Trump left office. The most important sector to focus on at the moment is the Rio Grande Valley. 

Texans are rightfully concerned regarding the cost of a border wall, but as a businessman, I recognize the value of a good deal. 

Currently, Texas taxpayers spend approximately $4-5 billion per year just on public education for illegals. Imagine if we spent that on wall construction. 

While we may pay a significant sum initially, I am confident we can find the necessary funds in the budget. This one-time expense will save Texas billions in taxpayers’ money for years to come without raising taxes.

3. Place Economic Pressure on Mexico 

While we hope to restore a positive relationship with Mexico, they are a very bad neighbor right now. I will use severe economic pressure to incentivize Mexico to control the cartels and secure their side of the border. While we as Texans can secure our border independently, assistance from Mexico would make the task significantly easier. 

We will create a situation in Mexico’s best interest to help and be held accountable to fight the cartels and secure their side of the river. 

As governor, I will use the Texas military to close the roads at the 25 bridges over the Rio Grande to all inbound commercial traffic. Mexico ships tens of millions of dollars in exports per day via Texas; this will stop. I will give fair warning to Mexico and all interested parties. There will be clear goals regarding what is required to reopen commercial trade. 

A commitment to effectively close the border for inbound commercial traffic, if necessary, sends a strong message to Mexico that they must step in and impose law and order on their side of the border. Mexico’s refusal to address the cartels in their country is a crime impacting American citizens and can no longer be abided by the Governor of Texas.

4. Mandate E-Verify for All Texas Employers

It is illegal for a non-citizen to enter the United States without permission. It is also unlawful for a business to hire an illegal or unauthorized alien. Because fake IDs have become more available and technologically advanced, it can be difficult for businesses to ensure they are complying with the law.

E-Verify is one tool that allows employers to ensure that an applicant is legally qualified to work in the United States. In Texas, only state agencies, institutions of higher education, and state contractors are currently required to use E-Verify. 

As governor, I will task the Texas Legislature to expand this law to require all businesses to use E-Verify and increase penalties for those who seek to encourage further illegal immigration. If the Legislature refuses to do its job on this issue, I will use my authority as Governor to continue calling for special sessions until this legislation is passed. 

Texans First. Fight the Cartels. Enforce the Law. Deport Illegals. Build the Wall. Leadership, no Excuses.