71 Year Old Disabled Pensioner. Maureen Hankinof the UK, Assaulted and Arrested By Police!

I just saw this on Twitter. I think I closed the link accidently so this is all the info I have at the moment. I will come back and add as soon as I find it again.

Okay, I found something… Here is a link with her story on Crowdjustice.com. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/pensioner-assaulted-and-arrested/

THIS is absolutely heartbreaking! I am boiling from head to toe on the inside! I do not know this elderly woman but if I could go get her right now I would! She needs help and all I can do is share her story so hopefully by the Grace of God she can get resolution to her circumstances. I knew the police in the UK have been very brutal at times but never did I imagine that this could happen to someone like her. Ordinarily I would probably dismiss a story like this without more initial facts and proof but I will research for them) and I would wait to share it but with everything else going on in the UK right now I don’t doubt her one bit. Maybe I’m being naive but God can be the judge of that.

71yrs old disabled pensioner assaulted and arrested by police

By Maureen Hankin (herself)

Latest: Feb. 8, 2022

time is running out!

Thank you so much for your pledge and for supporting my case! I now have 15 days left to raise the remaining target, and I can’t do it without your help!

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Please help me to fight this injustice, do not let this happen to any other pensioner. My human rights and civil liberties were never taken into consideration.

My name is Maureen Hankin, I am 71 years old female pensioner with numerous medical conditions and disabilities. I am just an ordinary mum & nan – I have lived in the same house in the East End of London for 30+ years, worked hard to raise my family alone, and have volunteered for many years supporting many of Londons’s big sporting events, such as the 2012 0lympic games & Euro 2021 football tournament. I am a very proud East Ender and a lifelong West Ham supporter. I have never been in trouble with the police ever and have no criminal record. I was diagnosed with psychosis in 2016 and do my best to manage my condition and live a normal life.

I would like your help to bring legal proceedings against the Metropolitan Police after two incidents that took place in the summer of 2021.

On the first occasion, police officers entered my home by force,  in the middle of the night, breaking down my front door. I was having a mental health episode and was scared and confused. Instead of helping me they assaulted me, put me in handcuffs, and dragged me down three flights of stairs and out onto the street. They even pulled at my clothing so my private areas were exposed, my glasses were knocked off my face by a police officer and broken. My foot was trampled and damaged, it has a plastic joint replacement and metal pins, also the handcuffs damaged my hand which also has a plastic joint replacement,  In both Incidents, I repeatedly begged them not to touch me ” I don’t want you to touch me”, “please don’t touch me” I have medical issues, I need to see a doctor, I was ignored!

No charges were brought against me, but the police returned to my house a month later, eight officers in riot gear with a battering ram broke down my front door and burst into my home. All my neighbours were watching, and one neighbour was even threatened with arrest and forced to delete the video he was taking of the situation. I was carried out of my home by six police officers each holding my arms and legs, I was flat on my back,  why did they do that? I then spent 28 days on a mental health ward for assessment before being released again.

Again I begged the police “I don’t want you to touch me, leave me alone”, again I was ignored. I was and still am terrified, of the police, I carry that burden of shame with me now continuously, as both events took place both inside and outside my home. the police did not listen or understand that I had psychosis, what I needed was care, not to be manhandled and arrested.

I have to understand why I was assaulted and mistreated this way,is this the way vulnerable people with mental health issues should be dealt with? I am a woman of good character, 4ft 11 inches tall with numerous health issues, I was never a threat to any of the officers. I now have to receive weekly counselling from a psychologist for Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I am totally terrified of the police,  I live in daily dread of them coming to my home again, the police have destroyed me and taken away my confidence and trust.

Even though I am a pensioner I am ineligible for Legal Aid, so I am asking you for help with legal costs of £3.000, this will enable my solicitors, to help me bring a police complaint and take the first steps in a civil action against the Police. I need to file my complaint within the next two weeks, I have been too ill to attempt it before now and I am quickly running out of time.

Please try to help me, do not let this happen to any other pensioner,  you know, next time it could well be your mum, dad, nan or grandad! 

I would be eternally grateful for help if possible.

Thank You.