The Modi government has declared war on the billionaire George SOROS accusing him of seeking to instigate regime change.

His comments on India are at 20’12’’-20’58’’ and 24’12’’ to 25’16:

George Soros devoted a couple of minutes of a 50 minute talk in Munich to the Gautam Adani matter and said he expected the crisis triggered by the “close ally” of Narendra Modi would lead to institutional reforms and “democratic revival in India”. The Modi government has declared war on the billionaire, accusing him of seeking to instigate regime change. Since U.S. short-seller Hindenburg Research accused Adani Group of fraud on January 24, credit rating agencies, investment banks and speculators alike have taken a broader look at India’s financial system.

The Supreme Court on Friday refused to accept sealed cover names of experts as suggested by Union government for including in the committee to be set up to examine the Adani Group-Hindenburg issue.

Till now, four PILs have been filed in the SC on the issue following massive crash in the stocks of Adani Group companies after US short-seller Hindenburg Research accused it for indulging into stock manipulation and fraud in a report released on January 24. 

The Gautam Adani-led conglomerate has so far lost over $120 billion in market value in wake of the market rout.

About Gautam Adani

  • Gautam Adani is chairman of the $23 billion (revenue) Adani Group, with interests in ports, airports, power generation and transmission, green energy, among others.
  • The Adani Group, which began in 1988 as a commodities trading firm, expanded through acquisitions and with the support of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
  • In January 2023, U.S. firm Hindenburg Research accused Adani and his companies of financial fraud and stock market manipulation. The Adani Group has denied any wrongdoing.
  • Adani is India’s biggest airport operator and also controls Mundra Port, India’s largest, in his home state of Gujarat.
  • Adani became India’s second-largest cement producer in 2022, after acquiring Swiss firm Holcim’s Indian assets for $10.5 billion.


“India is an interesting case. It’s a democracy, but its leader, Narendra Modi, is no Democrat. Inciting violence against Muslims was an important factor in his meteoric rise. Modi maintains close relations with both open and closed societies. India is meant a member of the quad, which also includes Australia, the US and Japan, but it buys a lot of Russian oil at a steep discount and makes a lot of money out of it…
“Modi and business tycoon Adani are close allies. Their fate is intertwined. Adani Enterprises tried to raise funds in the stock market, but failed. Adani is accused of stock manipulation and his stock collapsed like a house of cards. Modi is silent on the subject but he will have to answer questions from foreign investors and in parliament. This will significantly weaken Modi’s stranglehold on India’s federal government and opened the door to push for much needed institutional reforms. I may be naive, but I expect a democratic revival in India.”

The Supreme Court wants to decide on its own how the Adani-Hindenburg matter is to be probed and turned down the Modi government’s suggestions – made in a sealed envelope – on how to proceed. “We will not accept the sealed cover suggestion by you because we want to maintain full transparency and if we accept suggestions in sealed cover it is like we have kept it away from other side as people will think it is a government appointed committee,” said CJI DY Chandrachud. His predecessors, especially Ranjan Gogoi, never met a sealed cover from the government that they did not accept.

In a setback to the BJP which sought to control the New Delhi Municipal Corporation through the backdoor after losing the last December’s election to the Aam Aadmi Party, the Supreme Court has ruled that nominated aldermen cannot take part in the vote for choosing a mayor.

Another case of cow vigilantism in Haryana’s Mewat, just 100 km from the national capital, recalls the lynching of Father Graham Staines and his two sons, who were burnt alive in their car in Odisha. Two Muslim men from Rajasthan were allegedly attacked by a mob that later set them ablaze in their car. They were accused of cow smuggling. The dead have been identified as Junaid and Nasir, residents of Rajasthan’s Bharatpur district. The Haryana unit of the Bajrang Dal has been named in the FIR, though its head Monu Manesar has denied the charge. The police say they are still investigating the possibility that it was an accident. Manesar was incidentally the subject of an AltNews investigation, which made it clear that he enjoys a massive following online and uploads photos of supposed cow smugglers, often in violation of social media guidelines.

After the ‘smugglers’ are nabbed, Monu and his team post images of the rescued cattle and the accused on their social media pages as ‘conquests’. They also add an image of the entire team in all its glory, with some of the members standing atop trucks and some even carrying arms.

Monu Manesar was inducted into Bajrang Dal by Dharmender Manesar. The same Dharmender had force-fed cow dung to alleged cow smugglers in 2016. Incidentally, Monu was also present at the scene and can be seen posing with the rest of the team. The accused have bloodied faces in pic

We are also able to source a video of the incident. Monu and his team can be heard assaulting one of the accused persons while demanding that he chants ‘Jai Sri Ram’ and ‘Jay Gaumata’. In the latter half of the video, the accused can be seen consuming the cow dung concoction.

A lot of the accused have injuries, as seen in these pictures. Their faces are often swollen and bloody, while some are even pictured unconscious. This pattern can be traced back to 2018.
These pictures can be found on Bajrang Dal Manesar’s Facebook account.

This video was shared through Monu’s fb profile. His team is seen randomly firing at people seated in the open truck. Slogans of Jai Sri Ram can also be heard in the background. Several such videos of Monu’s team brandishing firearms, firing at ‘suspicious’ vehicles can be found

Monu Manesar also has police backing. Not only does he work closely with the police or is a part of the district civil defence team, he’s also awarded by law enforcement authorities for his work. Below is a compilation of pictures wherein he is seen with police & bureaucrats

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