Rockers Dee Snider & Kid Rock on Opposite Ends of Conservative Politics

Rockers Dee Snider & Kid Rock on Opposite Ends of Conservative Politics


4/9/2022 2:32 PM PT

As pop culture continues to clash with our political landscape, so too has rock and roll — leaving Kid Rock and Dee Snider on opposite ends of the line drawn in the sand.

First, KR … who’s made it known, in no uncertain terms, he’s a conservative — and a big supporter of Donald Trump. No surprise on that front … but what is surprising is the fact Rock was able to snag a cameo from 45 in a pre-show message — which is … interesting.

The Kid’s on tour right now … and a new viral video shows that he’s apparently opening his concerts with a pre-recorded message from DT himself — and the guy’s audience loves it.

Trump starts out with, “Hello, everyone … I love you all. I know you’re having a great time at the Kid Rock concert tonight. Quite frankly, he’s amazing. All of you in attendance are the great backbone of our country — hard-working, God-fearing, rock and roll patriots.”

Trump also pokes fun at Kid’s golf game, but says he’s a great entertainer … and then says “Let’s Make America Rock Again,” with a MAGA hat. KR took the stage right after that and performed. As you know, they’re tight … but the Trump plug’s still sorta impressive.

Then comes Dee Snider … whom some in the GOP might’ve *thought* was a bastion of conservatism — but were proven wrong this weekend by the guy himself, hilariously so.

A republican named Jerrod Sessler — who’s running for Congress — tweeted he was bummed to learn Dee was behind some liberal policies … despite the fact that his Twisted Sister song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” made him think he was all about traditional American values.

Unclear why this dude might’ve believed the TW tune was in any way a theme song for conservatism, but Dee fired back … “You think i wrote a song in support of ‘traditional American values’? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You funny.”

Dee followed up by pointing out some telling lyrics in the song itself, saying … “The first line of my song is WE’VE GOT THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE! Can I count you amongst us pro-choice people? Now that’s a Republican I can support!”

Sessler responded, kinda getting holier than thou … “Do you think the folks that wrote the Bible knew that God was writing through them? I doubt it. I believe God can even use @deesnider and his hair for good! BTW – nice flag”

He ended by saying they were on the same page on the issue of abortion (they’re obviously not) by tweeting, “@deesnider we are in sync! I am fully and thoroughly pro-choice. I believe life begins at conception and every baby should be given the opportunity to choose.”