CENSORED: Injured Covid-19 vaccine child study volunteerDATED: OCTOBER 23, 2021 BY SHARYL ATTKISSONSummary

13-year old Maddie de Garay was injured after receiving the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine as a study volunteer

Advocates for Covid-19 vaccine safety say that Comcast accepted their ad, then decided not to run it.

You can view the ad and the description that comes with it below:

13-year-old Maddie de Garay volunteered for the Pfizer vaccine clinical trials. She volunteered to help, but did not expect that she would suffer significant Pfizer vaccine-related injuries. Maddie’s mother will be testifying at the FDA’s VRBPAC Meeting on Pfizer Data on October 26th.

The public can submit public comments to the FDA for its VRBPAC
meeting on Pfizer Data taking place 10/26 for Children ages 5-11. A link to submit a public
comment can be found here:
Hear from Maddie’s mom here:

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13-year old Maddie de Garay volunteered for the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine studyn