The Virus-es… 5 Viruses Combined. Bill Gates is in Big Trouble (video)

Well I was researching yesterday (as usual) and saw a video from Banned Video and Peter Daszak talking. He’s the British guy, Director of ECO Health Alliance.

From 2015 to 2019 Fauci Obama, Fauci & CCP pumped millions of $$ into ECO Health Alliance to fund 6 projects for bio weapon purposes. They wanted to develop a Supervirus so they could develop a vaccine in order to create a situation that would destroy the middle class, depopulate, gain control and globalized everything.

US threw a stink so Fauci signed off on it in order to continue receiving funding for what was soon to be the Wuhan Kab Operation. An Obama and Communists China joint operation with Fauci running the weaponized operation

They took the technology of the HIV, SARS bio weapon and brought them back to Wuhan to their BSL4 lab and used Gain of Function which are deadly experiments.

The FLU, the North Carolina SARS and coronavirus … they brought them back to Wuhan because people were filing all kinds of things on them because it was so dangerous. HIV has to be in a BSL4 lab because it’s so lethal. Wuhan has a BSL4 so they took it there. OH! It was the North Carolina SARS that they used too. So they were using the “gain of function” which is “Biological Warfare Weapon. They wanted to make the Supervirus so they could develop a a VACCINE!. SO BOOM! HERE WE ARE!

NATURE DOES NOT COMBINE VIRUSES! Therefore it’s man-made. Just like the others!



Guess what they are using in the trials to examine the ties to the virus?
HIV medicine… Ritonavir!! Which is also an antiviral drug. They said the Ritonavir will help increase the amount of PF-0732133 in their blood.
The new pill is made by non other than Pfizer.

PF-0732133 is a man-made molecule that is a protease inhabitantor that prevents the virus from reproducing in your nose, throat and lungs. Protease inhabitantors have long term side effects though! But who cares right? They’re gonna be busting the bank with all that money they’re gonna make!

Coincidence that there are going to use the HIV medicine in trials for the covid pill??? I think not!

Alex Jones Infowars
Tucker Carlson

Rumble — Alex Jones fills in the missing information from Tucker Carlson’s censored report exposing Dr. Fauci’s connection to the infamous Wuhan Lab suspected of leaking the Covid-19 virus.

See Tucker Carlson’s full report here: 👇





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