WOOT WOOT! TN Senate Passes Bill To Withhold Funding to Schools Allowing Trans Athletes to Compete in Sports

The legislation has passed the Senate Education Committee and now sits at Governor Bill Lee’s desk for signature.

Tennessee may become the latest red state to adopt a policy that protects women’s sports by barring funding to schools that allow men to compete in them. The bill passed through the Senate Education Committee on March 29th and has now moved to be signed by Governor Bill Lee (R.)

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, after winning the gubernatorial election in 2018

From the Epoch Times

If signed, Senate Bill 1861 would require the commissioner of education to withhold a portion of state education funding if the school refuses to determine the gender of a student participating in sports.

“We passed a bill last year that required boys to play boys and girls to play girls in K–12, and this bill is putting teeth into it,” Rep. John Ragan, a Republican, said on the House floor when speaking about the companion House Bill 1895.

The bill assigns unspecified financial penalties to the Tennessee law passed in 2021 that prohibited males from playing in female sports.

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